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Farberware Pro Steak Knife Set: Review

For years I have wanted a really nice set of steak knives, but didn’t want to pay the high price. My grocer had a sale that was too good to pass up. All of the Farberware Open Stock knives were on sale for 50% off, and the store had a coupon to save an additional 10%. I checked out the different Farberware steak knife sets, but decided I wanted the best. I purchased two four piece sets of the Farberware Pro Stainless Steak Knife sets. They retailed for $37.00 a set, but I purchased them for only $16.65.


gorgeous looking steak knives

These are gorgeous looking steak knives! The handle and blade are one entire unit, no more loose handles for me! The knives are 9″ long, and the base of the blade is just over 3/4″ wide. The handle tapers out at the top and bottom in order to give the user a very comfortable hold. I would say they have an ergonomic design.

The blades are serrated, with 9 grooves, and they have an extremely pointed tip. One side of the blade reads Farberware Pro Stainless.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love these steak knives, and am proud to be the owner of a Farberware product, which backs these with a lifetime limited warranty, as they do all Farberware cutlery.

The blade is made of a high-carbon stainless steel, which means it is extremely strong and durable. The scalloped tip helps cut through any type of steak or meat. The handle is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel. The knives have a satin finish, which means they do not show fingerprints, They feel substantial in my hand, partly because the hollow handle is quite wide, just over 1/2″ thick.

These Farberware Pro steak knives have a great balanced feel in my hands, and are elegant and enjoyable to use. We often have company for dinner, and we used to scrounge around to find enough steak knives for everyone. My old knives had wood handles, and after washing them in the dishwasher for years, the wood had become dried out and they were just plain ugly. The rivits holding the blade to the wooden handles had become loose as well.

These knives should last a very long time, and still look nice, Visit for effective information now.. They are dishwasher safe, so there are no worries about the water or detergent harming the beautiful stainless steel, they come out of my dishwasher looking great. The box states that the stainless steel satin finish will not be harmed by food acid and coloring.

use these knives when we have guests

I am proud to use these knives when we have guests, and I always get many compliments on their looks and performance. The solid stainless knives look great with any of my flatware.

Farberware has been around for over 100 years, and is a name that means quality and value.

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