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Kaizen for Self Improvement

February 7, 2021
Kaizen for Self Improvement

Making positive changes to your life can be tough at any time of the year, whether it's New Year's, your birthday, or some other special occasion. The best of intentions can fall apart when confronted with the realities of everyday life. If you're determined to improve yourself or your life you may find hope - and help - in the Japanese art of kaizen, get more.



The principles of kaizen were developed after World War II to help Japanese companies function more efficiently. Kaizen and similar forms of participative management were so successful that they helped turn the phrase "made in Japan" from a derogatory term to a compliment.

But there's no reason kaizen has to be limited to the workplace. It's possible to use these techniques to make your personal life more fulfilling as well.

A few principles of kaizen, and how to implement them

"Kaizen" gets translated in several different ways, but basically it's all about making small changes that last. This makes sense, really. Large changes are harder to make, and even the thought of trying to do something big can be intimidating enough to discourage someone from trying it. But if you take something apart - break it down into pieces or steps, for example - you'll probably find it a lot easier to change.

The first thing, of course, is to identify something you want to change. That might be obvious; for example, perhaps you want to quit smoking. But if it's not so clear, or if you have many things you want to work on, try making a list. Divide large items into their component parts or into steps. Then take whatever's easiest, and start with that.

Why the easiest? Well, for one thing, you'll have a better chance of succeeding fairly quickly. Instant gratification is a great motivator; when you succeed with your first "project" you'll be encouraged to try the next thing on the list.

Work on one thing at a time for however long it takes you to get it the way you want it. This could be just a few days, but it's more likely to be several weeks, since it takes that long to break a habit. What you're actually trying to do is start a new one; once you've made a change that works, you keep at it until it becomes automatic.

This demonstrates two kaizen principles - standardization and sustainable improvement. With standardization, you develop one and only one way of doing something - but that way is the best. And the improvement you've made is sustainable because you've turned it into a habit, which will continue "all by itself" when you move on to the next item on your list.

Another principle is what a lot of self-improvement is all about - eliminating waste. This could be wasted time, or it could be wasted space or movement. In the workplace wasted space might mean equipment that's too big or does more than it needs to. From a personal standpoint you could think of it in terms of cleaning out clutter - literal or figurative.

Movement and time tend to go together; if you waste one, you're probably wasting the other. As an example, if you combine errands you'll save time and movement (and also gas, which saves money).

After you've succeeded at one task you can move on to the next. But don't feel pushed to do this; remember, the idea is to make changes that last, and that can take time. Also, don't pressure yourself into making every change on your list. Do what you can, and let the rest go. There will be more time - and more opportunities - later.


Kaizen can be a large and complicated subject; entire books have been written on how to implement it in the workplace. But actually, the principles can apply to every area of life. The overall idea is to make changes so your life will be easier. And when your life is easier it will probably be happier, too.

Effective Techniques for Muscle Growth

February 6, 2021
Effective Techniques for Muscle Growth

If you have been lifting weights for several months and you have been religiously hitting the gym and suddenly you seem to be at a standstill with your muscle growth and development, chances are you have hit some sort of a plateau. Your body is now conditioned to the weight lifting program you are doing. What you need to do to continue to encourage muscle growth is to try doing some Supersets. Supersets are probably the most effective method of weightlifting for maximum intensity and quick muscle growth. If you walked up to one of the buff-est guys in the gym and asked him to tell you what a superset is...he might be able to tell you. But, most people that frequent the gym wouldn't be able to tell you what a Superset is.

Muscle Growth

A Superset is simply defined as a combo weight lifting technique where two exercises are performed in a row with opposing muscle groups without taking a break in between sets. For example lifting one set of chest and then going straight to a tricep workout. You continue through each set doing them back and forth until you have completed that particular exercise. Then you would take a rest period after each combo set. This technique helps encourage muscle growth because it requires a high level of intensity and keeps focus on those muscle groups through your entire workout. You will want to increase weight with each set to encourage muscle failure(breakdown). For this type of workout you will probably want to do four sets for each specific exercise, increasing weight with each set in order to get the best results.

Supersets are probably one of the most effective methods of weight lifting for maximum intensity and muscle growth. Another very important weight training technique is called the drop-set. This is a method of weight training that can be used in combination with supersets or alone. What you will do to perform a drop set is after your warm up set and three sets at increased weight you will begin dropping weight until you have achieved complete muscle failure. This technique is also called a burn out effect. For example if you were doing bicep curls with an easy curl bar. You would perform a warm up set. Then you would perform your next three sets at increased weight by adding plates until you have achieved your max limit on weight. Then your next set you will drop the weight possibly up to three times and continue pushing through the set until you have a complete muscle failure. At the end you might even just be curling the easy bar. You might look a little weak to the occasional passerby...but they will have no idea that you have already completed heavy sets and are in complete muscle failure mode. You may have witnessed this yourself on the weight room floor. You might have seen a muscular guy huffing and puffing as he is curling a simple bar with no weights. Chances are...he has just completed a drop set. Trust me, he probably doesn't feel like a weakling because he is familiar with the technique.

The drop set technique actually tears down the muscle fibers because of the muscle weaken your muscle to the point that it actually has to rebuild itself to repair the muscle fibers. This is a good thing when you are wanting to increase muscle mass. What happens when the muscle fibers are broken down is they become stonger and increase in size. Doing drop-sets effectively will help you increase muscle mass more quickly when done in cooperation with a consistent weight training program and nutrition. If you want to learn more about supersets and drop-sets you can find multiple articles online through various bodybuilding websites.

Guideline to Download and Install WhatsApp For Android

February 5, 2021
Guideline to Download and Install WhatsApp For Android

WhatsApp has growth and increased for 2 years and become famous as the best chat messenger in the world. WhatsApp for android become popular messenger and it is also available for PC and iphones. There are many way to download and install WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the biggest database for chat messengers and handle data, text, images and videos messages for millions people/day.

Every people will feel amazing when they know and understand statistic of whatsApp to send and receive data message/day. It is incredible chat messengers in the world. If you want to download and install WhatsApp for android, here are some guidelines.

WhatsApp For Android

Technique one.

-       Download android apps from official android website

-       Go to google play store

-       Search for whatsApp

-       Click install and download whatsApp in android smartphones

 Technique two.

-       Download WhatsApp by google play store

-       Go to WhatsApp official website

-       Choose the android devices


-       Download apk file and install this file on android Many people love WhatsApp and become popular for all smart phones and androids. It is easy and cool features for text, images, and video messages. WhatsApp for android come with high capability of sending SMS online. With WhatsApp, people can send and receive online text messages, images exchange, audio and video exchanges. There is no extra cost for download and install WhatsApp at first year. WhatsApp provide awesome group chat, no extra international cost, and multimedia messages, no require pin and username, no need add friends manually and full offline messages. WhatsApp is also have custom wallpapers, contact exchange, location sharing. For this reason, whatsApp is the best chat messengers online in the world.

Important Choices for Car Rental Deals

February 4, 2021
Important Choices for Car Rental Deals


We must admit that some of us don't really have the finances to manage a car, but at some point in our lives there's that moment when we could really do with one. Car rental deals are offered the world over and different countries have different policies concerning car renting, visit this web-site.

Some of us can get into bad car rental deals and can be left with a sour taste in our mouths after we find out that we'd gotten the worst deals in renting cars. This mostly has to do with misguided information or simply lack of knowledge.

Car Rental Deals

There are many companies out there that offer very good car rental deals. When choosing a car, there are many aspects to look out for. One of them is the duration that you expect to stay with the car. If you are planning on renting the car for a long period then it would be advisable to look for car rental companies whose long term rates are cheaper. Another aspect is the terrain of the place the car will be driven on. For obvious reasons a four wheel drive will be of a greater advantage on wet terrain than a two wheel drive and it would be illogical to drive a four wheel drive on smooth terrain.

Thirdly, the insurance coverage is also very important. The cost of the insurance coverage may be forty percent of the entire car. If you have an insurance coverage for your own car it will serve to be enough. Your credit card may also serve to cover you fully.

Car Rental Deals

Be careful on renting luxury cars because these may have small extra luxuries that you can simply do without. Car Rental Deals that offer cars that have a GPS may be costly than those that don't. Also airport rentals may cost more than regular car rentals so it is advised to avoid renting your car from an airport. Another small but important detail is to pay attention to letters in fine print. This is because you may end up signing a contract without fully understanding the terms and conditions or missing out on important details. For instance you may sign a contract that requires you to return the car at 2:00 am but because you missed the print you may return the car at 2:00 pm and have to incur a penalty for the 12 hour delay.

Merona Tanker Watch with False Complications

February 3, 2021
Merona Tanker Watch with False Complications

During the Cold War, communist regimes that bordered the west often built facades of modern buildings and faced them towards their free neighbors. The regimes thought they would convince their neighbors that life was cleaner, better, and more wealthy in their communist countries. The problem was that everyone involved knew it was a lie. That's why I'm troubled by my Merona Tanker-style watch with fake subdials (Model FMDM204). While they look good and real subdials can be difficult to read anyway, these simply don't work and render that face of the watch a mere facade.


The non-functional subdials make this watch appear to be more luxurious than it really is. On a prestige brand of watch, subdials are called complications and they require extra gears and mechanisms to be incorporated into the design and watch case. They required time, skill, and resources to build into the watch design. The Merona Tanker watch with false complications skips all the extra work of creating functional subdials and just gives you a watch that looks like it has expensive complications. Hence my trepidation regarding this watch. It just seems a little inauthentic.

The watch itself is perfectly capable of telling time and being comfortable. This Merona watch has a square face and measures 30 millimeters by 40 millimeters and is 10 millimeters thick. The FMD quartz movement is perfectly reliable and made in Japan. The leather band is quite comfortable. The case back is stainless steel and the bezel (or case) is made of a base metal. I just keep coming back to those false complications. They bug me, get more.

Tanker Watch

Of course, I don't really go diving with my diver-style watch and I don't compete in triathlons while wearing my Timex Ironman watch. I also don't go hunting with my Casio Hunting Timer watch. I don't even cover a measured mile at 400 miles per hour while wearing my chronometer-style watches. But, the difference is that with some of those more authentically designed watches I could embark on those adventures if I really wanted to go for it.

Really, the Merona Tanker-style watch with false complications poses an interesting question for consumers like you. Merona isn't the only maker of inexpensive watches with non-functional subdials. Where do you draw the line between functionality and design? Do you mind non-functional or even false design features on a man's watch? Skipping the complications, allows Merona to sell this comfortable watch for a very low price (less than $15). But, are you willing to pay that price? If not, you can always try the Merona Tanker-style wristwatch without subdials. It looks great without the guilt.

How to Prevent Mycotoxin Poisoning in Dogs

February 2, 2021
How to Prevent Mycotoxin Poisoning in Dogs

It is very frustrating to me how little information is available to dog owners when it comes to the dangers of mold poisoning via dry dog foods. If you raise livestock, you get a plethora of information about mycotoxins and the potentially fatal consequences, as well as newsletters and even kits that are used to test feed before it is given to herds. Maybe the agencies that are responsible for this dissemination of information think that since these animals are used to generate income (and feed humans) that their welfare is more important. I don't know. I do know that my dog is my baby and I resent not having basic information provided by manufacturers regarding lethal mold that can very possibly be in any bags of kibble, even the high-quality ones.

Mycotoxins are toxigens created by mold and fungus that occur naturally in things made from dried corn, wheat middlings, soy beans, millet and nuts. Humans can be adversely affected by these, as well. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds and peanuts, as well as all kinds of dried fruits and moldy breads, have all tested positive for mycotoxins. Feed manufacturers deal with mold growth at every stage of feed production and are constantly battling with fungicides and inhibitors. (Of course, that means then that your dog is eating all of those herbicides in their food.) Ingredients - grains, meats, fats, fillers - are tested individually and then the finished product is tested. The two main enemies are heat and moisture and so bags are tested regularly, even after transport. However, spores still get through and dogs still get sick and some dogs die or have compromised immune systems for the rest of their lives.

There are more than 200 mold toxins commonly found in animal feeds here in the United States. Different animal species and animals of different ages are all affected in different ways and at different levels. Dogs seem to be much more affected than cats. Older dogs and puppies, dogs on medications or who have immuno-issues are all at higher risk. The two most common are aflatoxin and the appropriately named vomitoxin.



Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

1.) feed refusal

2.) vomiting

3.) lethargy

4.) heart problems

5.) liver damage

6.) yellowing of the eyes, skin and hair

7.) light aversion, dogs want to stay inside and hide from the heat and the sun, refusing even to urinate during the daylight, or only going out in shady areas

8.) neurological disorders

9.) heavy panting

10.) death

Veterinarians tend to miss this diagnosis because the trouble spot is the liver and the tests must be specific and must deal directly with mycotoxins. The best and most reliable "test" is you. If your dog is having these difficulties and your vet cannot conclusively tell you what's wrong, consider having your dog's food checked and tested, either by a veterinary college, a toxicology lab or by the State Department of Agriculture. And don't wait. You may be saving more than one life. If one bag is tainted, odds are others are as well. There were news reports in 1998 that 25 or more dogs died of aflatoxin poisoning in some southern states, know more.


The first line drawn in any fight is prevention. It is always easier to prevent than it is to cure. Always check the freshness date on any bag of dog food that you buy and buy the freshest one you can find. This will not guarantee anything, but it is a good first step. Purchase smaller bags, use them up more quickly and only buy food in plastic "barrier" bags, not the greasy paper ones that cheap food comes in. Always store feed in a cool, very dry place with a stable temperature. This goes for everybody's feed - dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinea pig, horse. Everybody's. While some mold toxins cause immediate vomiting, diarrhea and food refusal, not all do. However, if your dog refuses his food, do not insist that he eat it. Don't leave it down for him for hours, stubbornly thinking that "When he gets hungry, he'll eat it." He may be refusing because his powerful nose, which can smell odors approximately 10,000 times better than yours, is telling him that that food is not good for him. Do not store food in a container that has old food in it. Either use it up or throw it out. Continuously placing new food on top of old is an open invitation to mold growth and fat rancidity. If your dog begins to develop any of the signs listed above, immediately stop feeding that bag. Try a new bag or a new brand. If he's fine with the new stuff, return the old bag to the store. If the store refuses to refund your money, contact the feed manufacturer. Believe me, they will want to talk to you and they never want to deal with an outbreak of mycotoxin and they will most definitely refund your money.

This information is not to freak you out. The most powerful tool that we have is knowledge prior to a problem and this may help you or someone that you know. However, remember that your dog is sensitive to you and to your moods. If you start developing food issues, he will, too. All dry kibbles are susceptible to mold, even great quality brands and "natural" brands. That's why it's important to buy small batches and to always look at the date on the bag. If you have a dog with any issues - age, medications, illness - you might want to consider cooking for your dog. It's easier than you think!

Genital Herpes Protection: HSV Intravaginal Microbiocide Works in Mice

February 1, 2021
Genital Herpes Protection

A vaginal microbiocide to provide protection against herpes has been an active research target for many years. Genital herpes, Herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2), causes its own serious symptoms, but it also increases susceptibility to other venereal diseases, such as HIV. Early research focused on vaccines and chemicals to inactivate viruses, and was only marginally successful. Efforts have recently shifted to the use of RNA interference technology and work in mice has provided very promising results, check here.

Herpes Enters by Adhering and Fusing with Vaginal Cells

Herpes Enters by Adhering and Fusing with Vaginal Cells

Herpes is an enveloped virus, which means that its genetic material is surrounded by a protein capsule that is surrounded by a membrane. Viral proteins of the membrane stick to vaginal cell surface proteins (receptors). After the virus is stuck to the surface, the membranes of the virus and host fuse and the internal portions of the virus move into and infect the vaginal cell. One target of research to provide protection against herpes infection is to interfere with the initial binding of virus and host proteins.

Blocking Host Receptor Synthesis Protects against Herpes Infection

Initial experiments with other viruses, including HIV, showed that eliminating the vaginal surface receptor proteins could stop virus infections. One approach was the use of siRNA (small interfering RNA) molecules that bind and inactivate the mRNA that is translated in host cells into surface receptor proteins. The difficulty is getting the appropriate siRNA safely into the vaginal cells to stop receptor production. Part of the recent progress involves chemical modification of the siRNAs to protect the ends of the molecules from enzymatic degradation so that the siRNA can be used as a vaginal microbiocide. Another part of the chemical modification of the siRNA was the attachment of cholesterol molecules to enhance the entry of the siRNA into the vaginal cells.

Effective Microbiocide Blocks Host and Herpes Genes

A research group at Harvard Medical School has successfully demonstrated (Cell Host Microbe. Jan 22, 2009) in a mouse model, that siRNAs directed against both a host receptor and an essential Herpes gene provides extended protection against vaginal exposure to herpes virus. The cholesterol-conjugated siRNAs were applied to the surface of mouse vaginal tissue and provided protection against subsequent exposure to the virus for at least one week. This approach avoided the disadvantages of earlier work using lipid carriers, which enhanced transmission of other viruses, induced inflammation and provided only short-lived protection. The recent work promises rapid development of effective, safe human microbiocides for protection against herpes and other viruses.

Are there Dangerous Toxins Lurking in your Home?

January 30, 2021
Are there Dangerous Toxins Lurking in your Home

Although we try to keep our homes clean and safe, could there be dangerous toxins lurking in your house? From houseplants to home cleaning products, toxins could be hiding anywhere. Could the cleaners we use in an attempt to make our homes clean and safe actually be making us sick? There are several species of houseplant that can be toxic for humans and pets if consumed. Here are some of the pollutants you should look out for and some ways to reduce your exposure.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Many of the products we use in our homes contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are emitted as gases, solids and liquids. Products such as cleaners, air fresheners, paints, building materials and pesticides emit VOCs but the amount of VOCs emitted depends on the amount of the chemical used and also the toxicity of the chemical itself. VOCs are known to be drastically higher inside our homes than outside and have been linked to some serious long-term health problems.

Health Concerns

There are several serious and non-serious health concerns related to VOC exposure some of these include:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Childhood cancer
  • Dermatitis
  • Headaches
  • Loss of coordination
  • Liver and Kidney damage
  • Nausea

There are some signs of VOC exposure you can recognize easily, nose and throat irritation, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and allergic skin reactions. The severity of these symptoms is dependent on the levels of exposure to the VOC and the amount of toxicity of the chemical you are exposed to.

Ways to Reduce VOC Exposure

There are several ways that you can help to reduce the amount of VOC pollution in your home. Proper ventilation during use is a key factor to reducing the amount of toxin in the air in your home. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation when using a product that emits VOCs.
  2. Follow the products labeling instructions.
  3. Keep products out of reach of children and pets.
  4. Never store any VOC emitting product open. Be sure to seal the product immediately after use.
  5. Dispose of unused product promptly and properly.

Dangerous House Plants

Since most houseplants come from tropical plant species, there is a large number of these household plants that can be toxic if ingested. This does not mean that you have to get rid of your favorite houseplants, but you should be aware and make sure that these plants are out of the reach of children and pets. Here is a list of some toxic houseplants:

  • Philodendron
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Garden Hyacinth
  • Azalea
  • Rhododendron
  • Angel's wings
  • Holly
  • Mistletoe

Dangerous House Plants

Outdoor Toxins

We bring many toxins into our homes with us from the outdoors on our shoes. One great way to reduce the amount of air pollutants in your home is to leave your shoes at the door. We walk in many different substances through out the day like motor oil, antifreeze, animal waste, and many more and we bring them home on our shoes. To eliminate most of these pollutants from entering your home simply take off your shoes before entering the house and ask your guests to do the same.

The air quality inside your home is often worse the the air quality outside which can cause both serious and non-serious health problems. There are several ways that we can help reduce our exposure to these chemicals and toxins. It is important to read product labels before you use them and to make sure you have plenty of ventilation when cleaning your home but there are also several products on the shelves now that do not emit VOCs and are better for the environment all around. Of course you could always go back to some of the basic cleaners, such as, vinegar and baking soda, which do a pretty good job of keeping your home clean without polluting your air.

How to Prepare for Your Pet’s Portrait Session

January 29, 2021
How to Prepare for Your Pet's Portrait Session

Whether you attend a PetCo Foundation pet photography fund-raising session at your local PetCo, or visit your favorite pet portraits studio to have your furry friend photographed, you'll want to keep a few tips in mind as you prepare for your pet's close-ups!

I do approximately 20-30 pet portrait sessions per month, and find that many pet owners could benefit from a few tips to help them prepare for the pet's portrait session. By following these tips, you will ensure that your dog, cat or other furry friend will look their best on picture day!

Pet Portrait Preparation Tip #1: Bathe your pet
Be sure to give your pet a bath the day before your photography session. Use a pet safe shampoo to enhance your pet's coat. Varieties include formulas especially for white fur, black fur, red fur, extra shine and even dandruff prevention. If your pet has tear stains by their eyes, you can purchase special products at your local pet store to eliminate the reddish stains.

Pet's Portrait

Pet Portrait Preparation Tip #2: Brush your pet
After you bathe your pet, be sure to brush out their fur. Use a de-matting comb to remove matts, knots and tangles in the fur. Hard, lumpy fur patches on your pet's tummy and legs may show in the photographs!

Pet Portrait Preparation Tip #3: Groom your pet
If you are having your dog photographed, consider taking him to a grooming salon to have him groomed so that his fur is styled in a traditional breed specific cut. A trim can help make his eyes, physique, tail and paws more visible. If your pet has very long fur on their head, consider tying it up with a cute bow.

Pet Portrait Preparation Tip #4: Get dressy
Take a moment and look at your pet's collar. If it's looking worn, cracked and discolored, it's time to get a fresh new collar. Also consider putting a bandana around your pet's neck. If the weather isn't too warm, you may also opt for doggie and kitty sweaters, t-shirts, sun-visors, goggles and collar jewelry to spice up their pictures.

Pet Portrait Preparation Tip

Pet Portrait Preparation Tip #5: Go for a walk
A few hours before your session, take your pet for a walk. This will expend some of his energy, and hopefully help him eliminate before getting in front of the camera. Just be sure to stick to clean sidewalks and walking paths. This is not the time for a forest run with a stop by the lake!

Pet Portrait Preparation Tip #6: Arrive a little early.
Plan to arrive a few minutes early for your session. This will allow your pet time to get used to the smells and sounds of a new place. If possible walk your pet around so they can see where they are, rather than leaving them cooped up in a crate. Allow a minute or two for your photographer to meet your pet and make a connection with them before starting the session. Once your pet knows that the photographer is a nice person that isn't scared of them, everything will go purrrrfect!

How to Make Moving Home Less Stressful

January 28, 2021
How to Make Moving Home Less Stressful

Moving home can be a total nightmare with so much to think about and a limited time to get everything packed and out of one house and off to the new home. Although to some degree moving will always be a fairly trying experience, there are some simple suggestions to reduce stress and get things done in a less chaotic manner.

Moving Home Tips - Label Boxes and Record Contents on Index Cards

Moving Home Tips - Label Boxes and Record Contents on Index Cards

Before beginning packing it is a good idea to get hold of some index cards and rather than using a whole range of generic names simply give each box a number. Whilst packing write the box number at the top of an index card and below list every single item contained in the box. This will reduce a whole lot of potential frustration and time wasting when one is in the new home and desperately trying to find a specific item as everything will be clearly recorded on index cards.

An efficient labeling system is crucial to make moving home more straight forward and hopefully will reduce the stress associated with not being able to locate items. Using numbers rather than generic words will make it far simpler to locate a specific item of clothing or kitchen implement without the hassle of rummaging through numerous boxes.

Moving Home Tips - Create a Moving File

It is all very well using an index card system and recording essential information, but without a specific place to put these notes it will be easy to end up misplacing them. Before beginning to pack or take inventory, head to the nearest stationery shop and purchase a file. Clearly mark the front with 'Moving Information' and use this only for the index cards and any additional paperwork relating to the move, see page.

The main reason why it is important for all key information to have its own home is to save time and keep things as simple as possible. Also, it is a lot harder to lose a large file or folder than it would be to lose bits of paper or cards.

Moving Home Tips - Pack an Essentials Box

To avoid having to dash out to the shops or rummage through umpteen boxes, it is well worth packing an essentials box. This box should ideally contain various key items such as toilet paper, cleaning products, hand towels, cups, drinks, scissors and soap. It is important to make sure that the essentials box is loaded last as this would then be likely to be off-loaded in the new home first. As highlighted above, moving home need not be chaotic and can be made much simpler with following key practical suggestions. Creating a file purely for important moving information, carefully labeling and indexing boxes as well as packing an essentials box will all help save time and energy.

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