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Weight Loss Through Organization

June 13, 2021
Weight Loss Through Organization

I recently watched a weight loss television show called I Want To Save Your Life on Wetv. The host of the show was a guy named Charles Stuart Platkin and sometimes is called the diet detective. I Want To Save Your Life is interesting because unlike other diet shows showing many people competing on a scale, Platkin instead chooses to focus on a single person.

In the show, Platkin will live with the contestant for a week and overturn the person's house. He will force them to totally overhaul their life in order to meet their weight loss goals. While watching one of these episodes, a woman's entire garage was given an entire makeover from cluttered to organized. The idea that was presented, was an unorganized room represented an unorganized life and led this woman to her overweight form.

Platkin's comparison of an unhealthy weight to a cluttered life really got me thinking about my own life. When I always tried to lose weight in the past, my two obstacles were cleaning up my diet and finding more time to exercise. Some days I would write in my weight loss journal, other days not so much. My personal problem was maintaining a plan for longer than two months.

Cleaning my house though, that was a never ending struggle. Nor had I ever considered that a part of a weight loss strategy. Finding a way to organize the house adds a whole new dimension this daily process, Learn more here: ciniax neuer fatburner abnehmkapseln gestartet.

The strategy makes sense though, making the transition from house of chaos to a model home is sure to make whoever is living there happier. Everything is accounted for and time should never be wasted trying to find an item. Instead of looking for your keys every morning, a basket in the center of the table can always hold them for you. Open a cabinet and the contents will already be known. Theoretically this leads to less stressed and a happier you, but does that equate to weight loss?

weight loss, or any other goals

In a word, yes. What this process creates, is time. Instead of trying to find your car keys every morning, you have more time to make your lunch for work. Why waste time trying to figure out where something on your living room floor goes? You have a spot for it already and now you have more time to go to the gym.

Essentially this extra strategy that is generally not in diet books gives you the free time to pursue your weight loss, or any other goals. The more organized in every aspect of life you are, the faster you should complete everyday chores. Giving you the extra time, to make the right changes.

How to Lose Weight from Hips and Thighs

June 12, 2021

How to lose fat from hips and thighs involves burning off the fat while firming up those hips and thighs. The first step is to reduce your caloric intake and the best method is to avoid, or better yet, eliminate those sugary drinks which will reduce bloating and rid you of excess water weight. Aerobic exercise is essential to burn off fat and you don't need to jar your frame out of whack by jogging or jumping all over the place.

Walking is a form of aerobic exercise that will do nicely if you're a serious walker. A stiff-paced, thirty minute walk, will burn a lot of calories and fat. A daily routine of walking and exercise will trim those hips and firm those thighs. Always do stretches before any kind of exercises and start off slowly doing only a few of each a day until you get your body in shape. Some good fat-burning, thigh-firming exercises include, Going here for more information about weight loss now.

* Scissors:

Lying on your side, lift your legs into the air and move them back and forth in a scissor-like fashion. Turn to the other side and repeat. Do this for about two or three minutes each at first and increase each day. Then there's the reverse scissor where you again lay on your side and instead of moving your legs back and forth, you lift the top leg and slowly lower it until it touches the other. This will really tighten those thigh muscles.

* Leg Weight Lifts:

Attach weights to your lower leg and sit in a straight-backed chair. Lift one leg, and then the other then both. This will not only tone your legs and thighs, it will also strengthen your stomach muscles. Do only a few at first and increase each day.

* Chair Crunches:

Holding onto the back of a chair, squat down as low as you can (slowly) and rise back up. This will tighten all of your leg muscles. Be sure to keep your back straight. Do only a few of these if you want to be able to get out of bed the next day. They are very effective and will leave you sore. Go slow and see how many you can handle.

* Upside Down Bicycle:

Lay flat on your back, hands beneath your thighs, elbows on the floor. Raise your thighs and pedal your legs as if you were riding an invisible bicycle upside down. This is a very good exercise for the thighs while burning calories at the same time. You can also use the leg weights with this exercise. If you have a bicycle, by all means do ride it because it is absolutely one of the best ways to firm those thighs while burning off calories.

The new health trend, dubbed the Jesus diet, spawned by Dr. Colbert's book, "What would Jesus eat?" has helped a number of people slim down and buff up. Based on the Mediterranean culture, the Jesus diet focuses on whole grains, fruits, nuts, veggies and seeds.

It is well documented that the Savior was a carpenter using ancient tools which made the profession very strenuous. Furthermore, He traveled great distances so evidently, He was in good physical shape. Most of the apostles also had strenuous occupations and traveled long distances as well. Likely as not, they ate what they found along the way which would've included foods such as figs, olives, dates, seeds, pomegranates and sardine-like fish.

Therefore, a healthy, well-balanced diet, coupled with exercise, is the key to overall fitness. Drink lots of water, green tea, cranberry juice and include fish in your diet. Nuts are healthy treats that are loaded with heart-healthy omega 3 acids and muscle building protein. But don't forget the veggies for those important vitamins and minerals.

Farberware Pro Steak Knife Set: Review

June 11, 2021
Farberware Pro Steak Knife Set: Review

For years I have wanted a really nice set of steak knives, but didn't want to pay the high price. My grocer had a sale that was too good to pass up. All of the Farberware Open Stock knives were on sale for 50% off, and the store had a coupon to save an additional 10%. I checked out the different Farberware steak knife sets, but decided I wanted the best. I purchased two four piece sets of the Farberware Pro Stainless Steak Knife sets. They retailed for $37.00 a set, but I purchased them for only $16.65.


gorgeous looking steak knives

These are gorgeous looking steak knives! The handle and blade are one entire unit, no more loose handles for me! The knives are 9" long, and the base of the blade is just over 3/4" wide. The handle tapers out at the top and bottom in order to give the user a very comfortable hold. I would say they have an ergonomic design.

The blades are serrated, with 9 grooves, and they have an extremely pointed tip. One side of the blade reads Farberware Pro Stainless.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love these steak knives, and am proud to be the owner of a Farberware product, which backs these with a lifetime limited warranty, as they do all Farberware cutlery.

The blade is made of a high-carbon stainless steel, which means it is extremely strong and durable. The scalloped tip helps cut through any type of steak or meat. The handle is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel. The knives have a satin finish, which means they do not show fingerprints, They feel substantial in my hand, partly because the hollow handle is quite wide, just over 1/2" thick.

These Farberware Pro steak knives have a great balanced feel in my hands, and are elegant and enjoyable to use. We often have company for dinner, and we used to scrounge around to find enough steak knives for everyone. My old knives had wood handles, and after washing them in the dishwasher for years, the wood had become dried out and they were just plain ugly. The rivits holding the blade to the wooden handles had become loose as well.

These knives should last a very long time, and still look nice, Visit for effective information now.. They are dishwasher safe, so there are no worries about the water or detergent harming the beautiful stainless steel, they come out of my dishwasher looking great. The box states that the stainless steel satin finish will not be harmed by food acid and coloring.

use these knives when we have guests

I am proud to use these knives when we have guests, and I always get many compliments on their looks and performance. The solid stainless knives look great with any of my flatware.

Farberware has been around for over 100 years, and is a name that means quality and value.

Schmidt Saw and Knife Works in Beaumont, Texas: Review

June 10, 2021
Schmidt Saw and Knife Works in Beaumont

Recently I had the honor of going to this gas chain saw shop in Beaumont, Texas. And, the name of the place is called Schmidt Saw and Knife Works. I have been going there for a while, because they are very friendly, and they have some real good prices in town.

What kind of services are offered by Schmidt Saw and Knife Works?

What kind of services are offered by Schmidt Saw and Knife Works

The services offered by Schmidt Saw and Knife Works are basically just nothing but gas chain saw services on the blades only. They do sharpening on any old gas chain saw blade you have. Just remember to take it off the gas chain saw, because these guys are so busy that they have no time to take it off your gas chain saw, find more info. If they act like they have an attitude don't take it personal, because their days are so busy that they are just ready to go home. Try to go there in the morning, because that's when everybody is happy, and ready to work, but at noon it's a different story. The cost to sharpen your gas chain saw is any where from fifteen to twenty dollars. But, be prepared to wait about a week, because there is others in front of the waiting list. I usually get mine sharpened, but I go ahead and buy a new one for time being. The new chain saw blades are about twenty-five dollars with tax, and all. The place is kind of small, but the service is very well done. Apart from sharpening blades for chain saws, they also sell gas chain saws, and accessories. Basically it's the paradise for the tree cutter, or someone who has a lawn business. And, one more thing make sure to wait in line, because they help who ever gets there first.

Where is Schmidt Saw and Knife Works located?

Where is Schmidt Saw and Knife Works located

Schmidt Saw and Knife Works is located in Beaumont, Texas. And, it has only one location, which is 2510 S. 4th St. Beaumont, Texas. Their phone number is 1-(409)-835-5976, and they are only open Monday through Fridays. Just give them a call, and they will give you all the opening, and closing details for the regular business days. This place is very easy to find. If you are going East Bound on Interstate-10 in Beaumont, Texas exit on Washington Blvd., and turn right all the way to 4th Street, and take a left until you see Schmidt Saw and Knife Works on the left side of the road by a car wash. If you ever go there just let me know in the comments below how well the service was.

FlashForge 3D Printer Review

June 9, 2021
FlashForge 3D Printer Review

FlashForge 3D Printer Review - Key Features You Need to Know

The FlashForge 3D printer is one of the finest products that has become available with the help of open source technology. With the highly advanced and improved design and a reasonable price, you will realize that the 3D printer is indeed a great value for your money. In fact, it is priced at least two-thirds less than the cost of the original 3D printer, which means you can save more money without settling for cheap quality by purchasing this product. Check out this FrashForge 3D printer review for further details about the features and significance of this innovative equipment.

What The Product Does

What The Product Does

Primarily, the 3D printer utilizes the open source ReplicatorG, or the MakerWare in controlling the makerbot replicator, CupCake CNC, Thing-O-Matic, as well as several other CNC machines. With further improvements and upgrades from the original design, the refined features of the product and inclusion of the heated building platform have made the product suitable for printing using ABS plastic.

Among the other top features and functions of this one of a kind product include the following:

1. Using the ReplicatorG software, individuals can easily position their .stl files without any hassle. Additionally, you may choose to fill in the "fill build space" feature to maximize the overall size.

2. There is an onboard high quality LCD interface that enables you to comprehend the step by step guide throughout the setup and printing process.

3. This printer comes with dual-head extruders that allow you to duplicate multi-colored types of printed objects.

4. Improvements were made to the previous circuit boards, so you will be assured of the machine's stability while preventing the unit from overheating.

This 3D printer comes with a heated durable build platform, and it can sustain a maximum temperature of 120 degrees Celsius to allow the device to print in most types of ABS plastic. With the heating action of the platform, the parts of the item being printed are stabilized. Moreover, this action reduces delamination and warping in some cases.

The item is manufactured in China, and it is a superior quality type of 3D printer that comes with an affordable price. With this 3D printer, you can obtain a more practical and economical way to become a part of the desktop 3D-printing craze. Upon purchase of the item, several components are included such as the creator, two spool holders, dual extruder, two filament guide tubes, USB cable, power supply cable, hex wrench and bolt kit, and an SD card.

Do You Have Diabetes?

June 8, 2021
Do You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is of personal interest to me, not because I have it but because I have several risk factors for it. Some of these risk factors can't be mitigated, but I'm working on the ones that can. Knowing your personal risk factors can save your life.

Risk Factors: The risk of developing diabetes comes from several sources. One is heredity; if a first degree relative has it, you are at risk. First degree means mother, father and/or sibling. You may even be at risk of you have grandparents or aunts/uncles with the condition. Being overweight, not eating a healthy diet and other vices can also create problems, read more from here. If you have these risk factors, get tested frequently so you can catch it early.

developing diabetes comes from several sources

Different Types: There are two types of diabetes. Type one is hereditary and usually strikes during childhood or early adulthood. You may notice a sudden, unexplained loss in weight, unusual hunger and thirst and frequent urination. This used to be called juvenile diabetes. Type two, once called adult onset, can have many factors, and similar symptoms.

Treatment: It is imperative that you work with your doctor when it comes to treatment in this disease. Without testing and close monitoring, you can lose your vision, lose a limb and lose your life. However, there are things you can do to help. There are herbs that may be useful, but not without awareness, permission and close monitoring by your doctor.

Diet: A diabetic diet can be a challenge. You have to balance not only what you eat but when you eat it. Even the amounts have to be carefully weighed and measured. The good news is that the diet is fairly easy to remember and that you can learn to adjust portion size visually. It does take a great deal of self discipline, but if you travel for a living that is going to be important.


Exercise: Like diet, exercise is important. One of the main reasons is to help get control of your weight. Choosing the best exercise for you should involve teamwork; you, your doctor and a personal trainer. Going straight from mouse potato to marathon runner is not a good idea for most of us.

If you suspect you have diabetes, go see your doctor. The tests are fairly simple and the earlier you catch it, the better your chances. In some cases, with proper treatment, weight loss and exercise, you may even be able to "get over" it.

Knife at My Throat and a Psychic Phone Call

June 7, 2021
Knife at My Throat and a Psychic Phone Call

The year was 1980. I was engaged to my second husband and living in a large apartment complex not far from the home he shared with his best friend.

My 11-year-old daughter lived with me in our one-bedroom apartment where our only furnishings consisted of lawn chairs in our living room, a card table and chairs in our dining area, and cots in our shared bedroom. I received no child support from my first husband and the meager amount of money I made from my job didn't allow for more than housing, clothing, and food.

One particularly hot night I left the sliding glass door open so we could get a breeze through the screen. I awoke, as I frequently did, with an asthma attack. My rescue inhaler sat in my purse on the card table.

As I was getting out of the cot to get it, a body jumped on top of me and held me down. The body shape looked like my soon-to-be husband, but I wasn't wearing my contacts, so I couldn't see him clearly. He was wearing a mask. I wondered what the shiny instrument was that he held near my throat.

glass door open

"What are you doing?" I asked him, as I attempted to get up. "Can't you see I'm having an asthma attack?"

He pushed me back onto the cot.

"I need my inhaler! What the hell are you doing?" I asked, pushing him out of my way. What kind of stupid game was he playing? As I walked into the dining area, I noticed the freezer door open in the kitchen area. Somebody was hidden behind it, rummaging through it.

Still completely confused, because I had just awoken, I asked, "Are we having a party?"

Nobody spoke a word, but when the freezer door slammed shut and the body shape standing in front of it was unrecognizable to me, I suddenly realized, after searching the knife handler's arm for a tattoo that wasn't there, that the man with the knife was nobody I knew either.

My daughter stirred in the bedroom and the guy with the knife grabbed me around my throat with one arm and held the knife to my throat with the other. "What was that?"

I wanted to lie and say, "My husband," but I was afraid the two strangers might respond violently. "My daughter," I said, suddenly aware that she might be in danger if I didn't tell the truth.

Keeley came out of the room to see a man standing behind me with one arm held around my neck and a knife held to my throat. She halted in her tracks.

"Come here," I demanded. I wrapped my arms around her and hid my engagement ring and my heirloom ring as I did so.

Even in that precarious stance, with a stranger's arm around my neck and a knife held to my throat, I didn't feel frightened - possibly because I was so confused and possibly because my body was in shock - instead I felt protective. My only concern was for my daughter's safety.

But I was also thinking that if they came here to rob me, what were they going to take, my lawn chairs, my card table, my cots?

Whatever they were looking for they apparently didn't find, and when it was time for them to leave, one of them asked the other, "What should we do with them?"

"Tie them to the table," one of them said.

At this point, I almost laughed as I looked at the legs of the card table.

The would-be robbers apparently thought about how ridiculous the idea was too, because one of them said, "Let's put them in the bathroom."

So they shoved us in the bathroom and demanded that we not leave for at least 15 minutes. They stole nothing. Just before they left, the guy with the knife whispered to me, "From now on, lock your screen door." He must have had a conscience.

I was still in a state of shock when my daughter broke my thoughts by demanding that I call the police.

At a time when nobody owned cell phones, I also called my fiancé whose line was repeatedly busy, which was odd considering it was 4 o'clock in the morning and he and his roommate were usually asleep at that hour. After nearly half an hour of trying to reach him, I was getting frustrated. The police came and left after telling me the men were probably looking for drugs. Didn't I know I lived in a high-crime area, they wanted to know (I didn't).

check the grounds outside

I attempted to call my fiancé again. The line was still busy.

I later learned that my fiancé's roommate's girlfriend had called her boyfriend to tell him that my fiancé was in danger. She asked him to check on my fiancé. When he returned and told her he was sleeping, she asked him to check the rest of house.

Though he came back with a good report, she asked him to check the grounds outside the house, and when that report came back OK, she asked him to check the garage and warned him that if something hadn't happened yet, it was about to occur and she wanted them both to be safe.

Turns out the warning was for me.

It took until the next night before I felt any fear from the episode. I asked my fiancé to move in with me until I found another place, and he did.

From that night on, I slept with my doors locked.

Self-improvement is Necessary: How to Take Action and Improve Yourself

June 6, 2021
How to Take Action and Improve Yourself

The journey to self-improvement is a long and arduous one. It requires time, patience, and dedication. Why do you want self-improvement? The first step in improving yourself is answering this question with determination and clarity. You can't just say "I want to be better" or "I'm not happy with myself." What does that mean? How will you know when you are done improving?

It starts by being honest about who you are now so that you can make wise decisions for the future.

What is personal development?

What is personal development

Personal development is as often defined as the process of improving oneself, for example through studying or practicing a particular subject. It can also refer to subjects like courses and workshops that are targeted at self-improvement. Personal development is not always easy because it requires you to make difficult decisions and stick by them.

What are true indicators of personal development?

A person who is self-motivated and has the drive to push themselves will always be an indicator of personal development. Motivation for self-improvement may come in various forms, but it's ultimately up to you as to how you channel that motivation into actionable tasks. Another key indicator of personal progress can be found by looking inward.

How to Improve My Personal Development?

How to Improve My Personal Development

It's hard to be self-critical and analyze yourself. We are not our own harshest critic, but instead, we rely on feedback from others to make changes for ourselves. Why do you want self-improvement? In order to get started with personal development, it is important that you know what your goal is. What improvements can you make in your life or habits that will help achieve this goal?

Depending on the answer to these two questions, a plan of action should follow: an evaluation as well as necessary steps taken in order to improve oneself. A large part of improvement lies within managing one’s time effectively so they don't waste their valuable minutes without realizing how much time has passed by them.

"Does personal development actually work?"

Many of us have considered the question of whether or not personal development is actually worth it. If you want to be successful in your life, then yes, self-development matters.

A lot of people think that if they can't see how their actions are making a difference in their lives and the environment around them, then why bother? This is an example of what we call "ego." What I mean by ego is when someone's thoughts are ruled by entitlement and selfishness without considering anything else but themselves. They have created this sense of separation from others where they believe that what affects them doesn't affect anyone else.


The benefits of self-development are vast, and the opportunities for growth in your personal life or career seem limitless. If you’ve been hesitant to try something new because it seems too difficult or out of reach, read on to learn about these 10 ways that we can help make a difference with our holistic approach. We have years of experience working with people just like you and know what it takes to achieve success in all areas of life. It's never too late to start building yourself up! Our team would love nothing more than helping others grow themselves from the inside out. Let us know if this is something you're interested in exploring further by contacting us today.

Toenail Fungus: Prevent And Cure it Cheaply

June 5, 2021
Toenail Fungus

Nearly everyone over 40 will at some time suffer through the problem of toenail fungus. You can try over-the-counter treatments that promise a cure and costly prescription drugs you have to get through a doctor. I will tell you about a fungus treatment that works for me that is cheap and easy.

Toenail fungus grows under your nail in the skin near the nail base, so no amount of digging out the excess buildup of dead fungus from under the nail will get rid of it. This material is mainly dead fungus bodies, their wastes, and fungal spores. These spores are how the fungus spreads, and it will spread to your other toes and to other people. It is not just ugly, but as the material under the nail builds up it will raise the nail up and cause it to get painful. It will get bad enough that wearing shoes will hurt and your walking will be affected as you try to keep pressure off the nail.

skin near the nail base

When my toe got so painful that I had to wear open toed shoes, I went to the  foot doctor to ask about treatments. I had already tried every over-the-counter toe nail fungus treatment I could find without any luck. I wanted to ask about those prescription drugs for toenail fungus and get his opinion of them, Get more info. He told me that they would work, but would cost thousands of dollars and have to be used for over a year. A side effect might be liver damage and while taking them I would have to have blood tests done repeatedly to check on my liver. All of this would greatly increase the cost to me.

My doctor then told me another way to both cure and prevent toenail fungus. Vinegar is what he told me to use. It's cheap, safe, and easy to use. He told me to rub vinegar three times a day, everyday, on the base of my nail. Not under the nail, but on the skin where the nail grows out of the toe, and to be sure, to also do this any  time I got the toe wet. He said it would take a year or so before the toe would be healed, because it takes that long for a new toenail to grow out. Once the toe is healed, to keep the fungus away, I would need to still use the vinegar but only a couple time a week or so.

using the vinegar

I followed his advice and after using the vinegar for about two weeks started seeing new healthy pink nail growing in at the base of the nail. After some 5 months the bottom half of the nail was pink and clear and just before a year was up the whole toe nail was healthy. I had to use the vinegar three times a day for the first 6 months and then I cut back to twice a day. Now that my nail is healthy I use it once a week on all my nails. I keep a small eye-dropper type bottle of it near my bed and rub it in to my nail beds and around my toes really well. When you first start your skin will peel away from around the nail  like a with a sunburn, that is because the fungus is living all in that skin and when you kill the fungus the skin it has killed will peel off. I have been fungus free for 5 years now and all it has cost is the price of a little vinegar and my time.

Kids Watches

June 4, 2021
Kids Watches

A young kid will like the idea of wearing a watch just for the mere fact that it might make him feel one step closer to being a grown up. He may see his mother and father wear one all day long and--even though the child can not read it--he understands that there is an importance associated with the movement of the tiny lines as they move around the circle. Of course, he will eventually be given a watch of his very own and be taught how to read it.

The trick to purchasing a great kids' watch is to make sure that the child will enjoy wearing it. This is sometimes a difficult situation, especially if the watch purchased is "too childish" or "too hard to read." However, a kid will enjoy wearing a decorative watch if it features images of his or her favorite animal, science subject, or interests. He is then more likely to actively wear and look at it throughout the day.

At What Age Should a Kid be Given a Watch

Most watch manufacturers will divide their children's collections into girls' and boys' watches. Girls' watches will typically have gender-specific colors like pinks, pale blues and pastel yellows while boys' watches will be decorated in harsher blues, reds, yellows and greens. Images like butterflies, flowers, bears, and ladybugs are popular among girls, while boys prefer tougher images like tigers, trains, airplanes, dinosaurs and space vehicles.

At What Age Should a Kid be Given a Watch?

The best time to give a watch is during the age when the child is more likely to become interested in the concept of time, and is old enough to actually grasp it. Beginning kids' watches can be given to children between the ages of three and eight. These feature watch faces with large dials, enhanced hour numbers and detailed minute markings with the zero, 15, 30, and 45-minute stops clearly defined. The hour hand is usually colored the same as the hour numbers, while the minute hand and markings are in a separate contrasting color.

These kids' watches make it easier for their wearers to see the unique movement of each hand and how they relate to the numbers behind them. Most educational watches are packaged with instructional booklets to guide the child through the parts of the watch as well as inform parents on how to encourage children to keep time in everyday life. Many of them also come with activity books filled with time-related worksheets, fill-in-the-blank questions, word puzzles and projects.

Children aged eight and above have usually achieved the knowledge and skills necessary to read any analog clock without depending on large numbers and dials. By this time, they are also able to handle digital watches and learn how to manually control chronograph functions like timers and stopwatches. If given a time teaching watch, a ten year old is likely to scoff and become disinterested in it after too long.

Dangers Involved with Kids' Watches

Dangers Involved with Kids' Watches

For the most part, a children's watch is not necessarily a dangerous thing, unless it is damaged or broken in any way. Parents should look out for cracked faces that may be sharp enough to cut skin, or plastic straps that can become chewed on and swallowed. Also, all loose batteries should be destroyed or recycled and should never be placed in reach of children. Children under the age of three should never be given watches that are small enough to be placed in the mouth; instead, introduce them to the watch image through large plastic toy clocks or stuffed representations.

Of course, there is also a financial danger in the prospect of giving a young child an item filled with expensive mechanics. It is better to purchase a watch that is priced between $10 and $25 rather than to give her a truly expensive one, only to have it damaged within a month of wear. However, kids' watches that are extremely low in price are often extremely low in quality, so find a balance between quality and price that is safe for both the child and the pocketbook.

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