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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Pigeon

Even if you like animals and birds but you do not want a group of pigeons wreaking havoc around your home and building whole day. Pigeons can create lots of problem and issues for you because their loud cooking sound and constant dropping left behind can disturb your sleep in the morning. In addition to this, pigeons also spread lots of diseases and they also carry lice and milts that can create lots of issues for you.

So, lots of people want to know how to get rid of pigeons. Here at website have lots of easy and effective options that can help you in removing the pigeons out from your home. Pigeons always work around your garden and yard and also on the top of your house so it becomes essential for you to find a reliable way that helps you to get rid of pigeons easily. Here are some effective ways that you can adopt to get rid of pigeons:

Use an ultrasonic repeller

Use an ultrasonic repeller

One of the most favorite and effective ways to remove pigeons is to install an electronic bird repeller in your home. The ultrasonic repeller emits a highly disturbing sound wave that can remove the bird out from your home. Humans are not able to detect the sound because it is too high for us to hear. The sound emitted by the ultrasonic device is at an ultrasonic frequency that has great impact on bird. Some of these devices work for all sort of animals but some of them are specially designed for birds.

Block out pigeons

As you all know, pigeons like to sit in specific kind of place in your home like under eaves or on your roof. You can also see them sitting around the deck, patio, balcony, and yard as well as on the window ledges. One most effective option for proofing all these places from pigeons is to block them so that they are not able to make a landing. You can install the bird spike on the ledge or near to your roof to get of pigeons.

Set up scary decoys

Set up scary decoys

You can also use the old scare crow method to get to pigeons in a convenient way. You can also use an electrical owl that have a realistic appearance and scare the pigeon to leave that place. The electrical owl has a free spinning head that can be moved easily and it is one best way to remove pigeons out from your home.

Use bird gel repellent

If you are looking for the one most effective and direct way to get rid of pigeons then you can apply the bird gel repellent on the window sill, ledges, tree limbs and chimney where they used to land and sit. It does not create any mess for you and help you to keep pigeons away from your home.

Hang scare reflectors

Hang scare reflectors

There are lots of types of scary bird refactors are available in the market that can create chaotic chances along with the light that can help to scare the pigeons. Reflectors come in different forms but you can choose the flash tape that offers you most versatility for hanging options and in placement.

Set out pigeon traps

Trapping is also one of the most convenient ways if you want to know how to get rid of pigeons. You can set a pigeon trap and leave it, once the pigeon is trapped then you can release it far away from the place you live so that you can get rid of them in a best effective manner. In addition to this, you can also use homemade solutions to get rid of pigeons.

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