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What Kind Of Food Does Koi Fish Eat?

Do you have a Koi fish tank in your home? Or maybe you keep them in a pond. Whatever the case, you might want to know what kind of food do koi fish eat and how to feed them. We’ve got all the information that you need about the types of food for koi fish and their feeding needs.

Top 4 Best Foods for Koi Fishes

Top 4 Best Foods for Koi Fishes

If you are wondering what to feed your pets, here is a list of the best foods for koi fish. Koi have different dietary needs compared to dogs and cats. The list of the 4 best foods for koi is based on the nutritional needs of koi fish.


Basically, algae contain lots of proteins. It also contains vitamins and minerals which are essential for the fish’s growth. The most common types of Algae used as koi food are Spiraling and Chlorella.



Seeds contain the fat that koi fish feed on. They might not be nutritious enough to provide your pets with lots of energy but they are good for them in terms of providing crunch.

Quicker growth is needed by some particular breeds which allow their owners more time to grow eyes and fins before they can be sold. Seeds are not used for all breeds because many of them prefer their leafy greens while some others need meatier food.


These are the best foods for koi fish to feed your pets. Freshwater beetles, cockroaches, and crickets can be bought at grocery stores or pet shops which usually come with their own tank.

The most common way of feeding these insects is by popping them in aquariums. The advantage of feeding on the tank is that you can be sure that your koi fish are getting what they need.


Aquatic worms are certainly packed with proteins that koi fish need. They also have vitamins and minerals to help with various diseases. There are a lot of brand names in pet shops that will be able to give your pets their favorite worm.

These foods are easily digestible for them. Despite koi fish not needing any other food items, plant-based foods have good nutritional value and are always recommended.

How Do You Dechlorinate Tap Water for Your Pond?

This is a crucial topic since you would love to buy fish from the pond rather than buying them from a fish store. But do not forget that your koi need clean water as well as food and should have both been provided by the pond owner before they were brought into another home. Following are the instructions on how to dechlorinate tap water for your pond.

How Do You Dechlorinate Tap Water for Your Pond

1. Remove any debris or leftover materials. The less you leave around, the easier it will be for your pond to maintain its water quality so follow up these steps thoroughly.

2. Add limestone rock to each tank containing koi fish. This encourages carbonate formation which basically helps acidify the water instead of letting the alkaline pH range remain.

3. Before removing bottles, give them a thorough scouring with soap and water to remove any life such as algae that are likely growing on them. This will ensure that your pond filter does not ingest anything undesirable which you can then expel overboard. The top three things that you should know about caring for koi fish are as follows.


Koi fish are very different from other fishes so their food needs vary considerably. They need very little nutrients compared to most other pets. Therefore, you should not worry about them getting ill if they only eat the above foods and avoid carbohydrates as much as possible.

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