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How to Fix a Stuck Sink Drain Stopper?

In every kitchen, sometimes sink pop-up drain stopper does not work. To know how to fix this problem, continue to read this article completely. This is based on the experts’ advice. Generally, the popup is a simple device which was used in links and levers. While moving this, a drain stopper works up and down to seal a sink bowl. Even more, it looks a complicated device. But it is simple to fix this stopper easily. There is a possibility to remove the drain stopper in the sink. The blockage sometimes happens in the sink. At first, there is a need to grip the stopper body. So pull it out the drain with the rocker arm. Then clear the stopper and rocker arm. After that, make sure the rubber seal has damaged. If it was damaged, then replace it with the new one. Before that, remove the old seal. Finally, the reinstallation of the stopper is easy with the rocker arm. And the flange is tightly sealed with the good shape. It is necessary to do it for the spring-loaded pop-up. This is the removal process of sink popup.

What is the quick and easy way to fix the sink drain stopper?

What is the quick and easy way to fix the sink drain stopper

To the brief explanation of the sink drain stopper stuck problem, there is included the details in depth. It is a common issue in every home. If the popup stopper does not close completely, then need to fix the flange tightly. It will open when the lever or certain knob is engaged. It is easily happening in all sink. The stopper does not open all the time. If it is in sluggish it is not possible to open. So, remove the screws which secure the overflow. Pull that cover plate and lever let the overflow hole partially away. And then adjust the nut on the linkage. Then push the assembly back. After that, replace the cover plate. Finally, remove the wastages which are presented there. Then lift the stopper out and link the rocker. And make sure the seal is properly fixed.

Keep the drain clean:

Keep the drain clean

There are several reasons behind the sink stopper issue. Usually, cleaning the sink is very much easier. But it does not work, it will lead to more tensed. The quite easy way is explained for the better fix this problem. In many sinks, the human hair and dust are accumulated. The exact stopper is used to clean it properly. With a slight twist, the sinking mechanism is possible. Then lift the stopper from the drain and clean off. If the seal looks worn, then replace it once again. Then locate the stopper rod and tight it to its position. Based on the type of sink and stopper the process is varied. The secure overflow is possible only by cleaning the sink regularly. It is the most important procedure to avoid such problem. Because of some stopper is higher and shorten of the place where you fix the sink. Hence the good working order is important to fix this problem as soon as possible.

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