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Weight Loss Through Organization

I recently watched a weight loss television show called I Want To Save Your Life on Wetv. The host of the show was a guy named Charles Stuart Platkin and sometimes is called the diet detective. I Want To Save Your Life is interesting because unlike other diet shows showing many people competing on a scale, Platkin instead chooses to focus on a single person.

In the show, Platkin will live with the contestant for a week and overturn the person’s house. He will force them to totally overhaul their life in order to meet their weight loss goals. While watching one of these episodes, a woman’s entire garage was given an entire makeover from cluttered to organized. The idea that was presented, was an unorganized room represented an unorganized life and led this woman to her overweight form.

Platkin’s comparison of an unhealthy weight to a cluttered life really got me thinking about my own life. When I always tried to lose weight in the past, my two obstacles were cleaning up my diet and finding more time to exercise. Some days I would write in my weight loss journal, other days not so much. My personal problem was maintaining a plan for longer than two months.

Cleaning my house though, that was a never ending struggle. Nor had I ever considered that a part of a weight loss strategy. Finding a way to organize the house adds a whole new dimension this daily process, Learn more here: ciniax neuer fatburner abnehmkapseln gestartet.

The strategy makes sense though, making the transition from house of chaos to a model home is sure to make whoever is living there happier. Everything is accounted for and time should never be wasted trying to find an item. Instead of looking for your keys every morning, a basket in the center of the table can always hold them for you. Open a cabinet and the contents will already be known. Theoretically this leads to less stressed and a happier you, but does that equate to weight loss?

weight loss, or any other goals

In a word, yes. What this process creates, is time. Instead of trying to find your car keys every morning, you have more time to make your lunch for work. Why waste time trying to figure out where something on your living room floor goes? You have a spot for it already and now you have more time to go to the gym.

Essentially this extra strategy that is generally not in diet books gives you the free time to pursue your weight loss, or any other goals. The more organized in every aspect of life you are, the faster you should complete everyday chores. Giving you the extra time, to make the right changes.

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