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Best Testosterone Boosting Exercises – Increasing Testosterone Levels

Taking exercise regularly is one of the best ways to increase testosterone levels in men.Various instances in today’s world indicate millions of men lack Testosterone badly. Testosterone has prime importance on men’s health. Apart from controlling the sexual activities and the development of the reproductive systems, testosterone also responsible for various other functions of the body such as muscle mass, bone mass growth, metabolism and distribution of fat. Hence, it is essential for men to maintain an optimum level of Testosterone in their body

It is natural phenomena that most of our body processes change with age,so does the testosterone hormone.Testosterone hormone creation starts in the fetus at the time of conception and continues its production entire lifespan of the person.

Testosterone Rise

Testosterone Rise

The testosterone levels raise its maximum when a person is in his puberty or teenage.During this age,pituitary glands produce more amount of testosterone in the body. According to an article published by The Guardian,the amount of testosterone produced in a teen’s body is almost 50 times more than the actual amount produced in the body of an average man.

Testosterone Decline

The decline in the levels of testosterone starts as the age increases.Studies says that the levels of testosterone start to decline at the rate of 1% every year as the age crosses 30 years.However,this age may vary according to the lifestyle of the persons. As the men age, the concentration of their serum testosterone decrease and it is called as “Andropause”. While the person’s with the onset of the declining testosterone in the younger age is termed to have a condition called Hypogonadism, find more.

Testosterone and Lifestyle

A person’s lifestyle is a common factor that affects the levels of Testosterone in his body.Since lifestyle is the major deciding parameter of T levels in a person’s body, a well planned balanced lifestyle habits can definitely Boost the Testosterone Levels.Following lifestyle changes can make a drastic change in a person’s testosterone levels.

  • Adequate and Balanced Diet
  • Weight Management
  • Exercise
  • Enough Sleep
  • Reduction of Stress

Exercise and Testosterone

If your Testosterone level is low,then it is high time to incorporate a regular workout session in your lifestyle.With regular exercises and planned lifestyle, you can raise testosterone levels considerably.

Clear that it is possible to increase testosterone level with exercise and certain changes in lifestyle.If you read the article till now,it is sure that you are seriously looking for some testosterone boosting exercises.So hold on and read the article further to explore some of the best exercises that can help in raising testosterone levels in your body.

Best Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Best Testosterone Boosting Exercises

As mentioned time and again,low levels of Testosterone in men can cause a number of serious life problems.So,regular exercise is inevitable.Here are the list of best testosterone boosting exercises by which you can surely boost your T levels.

Note : You should take the help of a physical trainer to understand these exercises properly before continuing.Consultation with your doctor is mandatory before you start any major  workouts.

1. Total Body Torcher

The one of the workout to increase the T levels in your body is  Total Body Torcher. This exercise works to vibrate all the muscle groups of your body in order to increase the testosterone levels.This exercise is hardly some 8 minutes that can surely add a value to your T levels.

The total body torcher includes a dynamic warm up of the body in which you first do 30 seconds of jumping jacks nad then bodyweight squats, high knees’ and jogging. After that, you need to take the minimal rest of a minute and then take 10 deadlifts. Total of 8-10 minutes including all these. 

Jumping Jacks

Bodyweight Squats

high knees and jogging


2. Weight Lifting:

Another easy to do exercise but, one of the best testosterone boosting exercises is weight lifting. It is proven that heavy weight lifting can significantly increase Testosterone levels in the body. All you need to do is 2 to 3 sessions of body weight lifting weekly in order to get the good testosterone boost in your body. However, you should adjust the weight according to your stamina and strength.

3. Lower Body Burn:

Lower Body Burn is another amazing exercise through which you can get a boost in your T levels as this exercise greatly affects the muscle groups of glutes and legs.So this can help you to get the full T boost. This exercise is as simple as the total body torture. All you need is to do is a dynamic warm up, some squats  and split jumps and that’s it. This 8-10 minutes workout daily can definitely be helpful in boosting  your T levels.

4. Sprint:

Sprint is another one of the best exercises that increase testosterone in your body. Multiple of studies has shown that with this exercise, you can feel the increase in your sex drive and libido. Only with a 6-second sprint, you can feel the difference in your health. Try to include 5 to 10 short sprints in your routine that are no longer than 15 seconds. This surely can get you the better T levels. But for optimum results, the sprint workout of 2 to 3 days per week is recommended.

5. Stair Climbing Workout

You should include some cardio workout in your routine to achieve higher T levels. Revved- up run is the type of the cardio workout that is surely one way to stimulate your T levels. Stair climbing workout is a simple cardio workout which anyone can practice without much difficulty.


When practicing these best testosterone boosting exercises, take enough rest and eat healthy food.This is necessary to recover after such strenuous workouts. Also, avoid the chronic cardio exercises to ensure your better heart health. It is also harmful in the fact that the long endurance exercises seem to lower the T levels as the short periods of exercises can enhance them.

In conclusion, change your routine slightly to have a wonderful life.There are harder exercises, but the above mentioned simpler workouts are fairly enough to maintain a normal healthy life.You may find this article on best testosterone boosting exercises really helpful for  raising your testosterone levels. Share your  thoughts and other workout tips to increase testosterone levels in the comment section below to benefit the other readers.

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