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Basic Things to Understand About Residency Before you Apply for any Program

After you complete your graduation from medical school it might be time for you to celebrate. You are officially now a doctor, but there is still time for you to complete your medical residency in order to get complete training. A medical student has to go through residence in order to become fully aware of all the responsibilities in work that they have to handle. It is not necessary for a doctor to complete their education in the US as you can get a medical license for practicing medicine without completing your studies in the US. It means that you have to be eligible to practice various types of treatment so that you do not lose potential clients.

What is the length of the residency?

The length of medical residency depends on various factors like the type of graduate medical graduation that you completed. It depends upon your medical specialty as some residency only required for 3 years of training while others can last for 5 to 7 years. That is why it is important for you to understand all the things about the medical residency before you apply for them.

How much salary is given to first-year residents

How much salary is given to first-year residents?

It is essential for you to determine factors like salary provided to the residents during the training program. The usual salary for the residents is about $40,000 to $50,000 annually. The medical residents get a minimum salary as they are the lowest in the chain of doctors. They have yet to get the license to practice medicine which is the reason that they are paid less than doctors.

The medical residents do not bring any revenue to the hospital so this can also affect their salary. All the residence get supervised by the attendant who is responsible for all the treatment done by the medical residents. That is why the salary of residents is lower, but it increases when the residents get into their second and third years of training.

Number of hours you have to worky at the hospital

The number of all presidents has to work varies on different factors. As you might have heard that a resident might have to work for long hours. The number of hours depends upon the factors like specialty and program for which you are getting the training. there is some residence who has to work for above 45 hours a week. You can get more information about residency by visiting The are laws that limit the number of working hours to 80 per week, which is still a lot.

What are the responsibilities of a resident

What are the responsibilities of a resident?

There are various responsibilities given to the medical resident. It is essential that you understand all the things before you apply for a medical program. You can get more information about the residency at You will get specialized training in the area of your expertise. During the training, you will also learn to handle emergency cases. All these tasks will be assigned after a certain period of time so that you can get used to it. The training also includes prescribing treatment, writing summaries, and giving information to the patient. During the first year of residency, you will be closely supervised by an attendant and as per your progress, you will get additional tasks.

So these are some of the things that you need to understand before you apply for a residency. You can get additional information about the residency programs at Make sure that you prepare yourself for the residency to avoid any type of issues.

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