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Massage Equipment

The best way to get a great massage is from someone who has great massage equipment. When you walk into a room where everything is in place and looks cozy, you just feel like you’re in good hands, literally. I cannot express the value of a nice back rub. A very good one will actually make me cry because all those stressful knots are opening up. That’s what you really want. Let it all go and trust your massage therapist, Click Here.

There are all sorts of pieces of equipment to use during massage. The most obvious one is a table. You can choose from many kinds of tables depending on your needs and your budget. Some tables are simply flat and stationary. Others have a rounded, detachable headpiece. Some salon-style tables look a bit like lawn chairs, in that they fold for the arms, feet, head, back, and knees. They are also made of differing materials. Chose what works for you.

Get Comfortable with Massage Equipment

Another key piece of massage equipment is a stool for the therapist. Sometimes a stool is not needed. You probably will not need a stool if you are doing a standing, deep-tissue massage. However, if you are giving a concentrated massage such as on the neck or feet, it’s a nice idea to sit down. Most of your day is spent on your feet, so a stool is a wise idea. In addition, you can get one with rollers. That way, you can roll from head to hands to feet and back again.

Get Comfortable with Massage Equipment

You cannot beat a little piece of massage equipment called a fleece pad. This can make all the difference to your clients. If your client is trying to decide between two therapists, you and someone else, and you both have the same level of experience, but the other one has fleece pads, they’ll probably go with the other one. I would. I hate it when my face is in a face rest and it sticks to the material. A fleece pad is cozy, easily washable, and can keep customers warm in winter and cool in summer.

Now, what therapist can truly call him or herself a therapist without having massage oils and creams? These allow the hands to glide smoothly over the skin, thus giving them the ability to work out knots much more easily. Many of the oils also contain relaxing scents. It’s also good to find a cream that won’t leave residue on your clients. They want to feel relaxed, not sticky. Creams can also contain vitamins that are good for the skin, and have soothing aromatherapy effects.

Massage chairs are wonderful. Think of them as the quicker version of a massage table. You don’t need a lot of extra massage equipment with a chair because a person is usually sitting down, fully clothed, for a shorter period of time. You won’t need all the sheets and oils. A massage chair is probably what most people wish airline seating was like. This is actually a chair you could fall asleep in. There is a place for your head to rest, as well as your arms, your hands, your legs, and your shoulders. This is perfect for a quick relaxation treatment.

Relaxing with Massage Equipment

Relaxing with Massage Equipment

Something that will really help your clients relax is the kind of sheets they are lying on. If you’ve got an inexpensive 50-count synthetic sheet, your client has very little chance of relaxing and feeling like he or she is being taken care of. However, if you’ve got some great sheets that are of a high thread count and are a light color, you’ve done well. You’ve made a great massage equipment choice. You want your client to relax for two reasons. One–so they feel they got their money’s worth. Two–so they don’t get all ticklish and you get nothing done.

To really do a massage right, you’re going to need face rests. No one I know can fully enjoy a massage if her head is cranked 180 degrees to the right or left. It leaves a pretty bad crick in your neck. That’s why having a face rest as part of your massage equipment is so important. Your client’s spine is aligned and she can breathe. There are face rests, too, that adjust up and down for particular massage techniques.

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