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Learn About the Manufacturing Process of Resistance Bands!

These days, most of the people at the gym have started using resistance bands instead of lifting weights. To build strong muscles, it is not always important to lift heavy loads but you can just get a resistance band. When you work against the elasticity of the band, then it will make your muscles stronger. If a resistance band can create more tension in your muscles, then you will automatically develop stronger muscles.

These bands were invented by Gustav Gossweiler in the year 1986. You can enjoy total body workout by using resistance bands. There aren’t many changes in the manufacture of resistance bands but the durability and quality of the material are improved with the time.

Manufacturing Process of Resistance Bands

The colors of resistance bands aren’t there to make them look attractive only but the colors of bands represent their resistance strength. The yellow bands are easiest and can work on small muscles. If someone is suffering from chronic pain, then yellow bands will work fine. If you want to get medium tension, then red and green bands will be perfect. If someone is looking for heavy tension bands, then dark blue is the one to choose. The advanced trainees go for black, silver, and purple resistance bands.

Manufacturing Of Resistance Bands

Before you plan to buy a resistance band, you should know about its manufacturing procedure. What are resistance bands made of ? If you have always been curious about this question, then you will get the answer now. The resistance bands are made in factories in which rubber and latex tubing is made. The liquid latex is put into a mold and then rolled into a kind of plain sheet. It is hardened till it gets solid and then it is dyed in the certain according to its resistance capability.

The level of tension is measured before coloring the resistance bands. Mainly, there are two major kinds of rubbers which are used while manufacturing resistance bands. The natural latex is obtained from trees in Asia but synthetic latex is created in factories by using petroleum oil. Both of the latex are almost the same and create equal effects. So, it makes no difference if the resistance bands are made of natural latex or synthetic one. The only difference is that natural rubber can decompose naturally but man-made rubber won’t decompose faster.

Manufacturing Of Resistance Bands

Now you must have got to know what are resistance bands made of. So, you shouldn’t worry about anything and get a resistance bad for yourself. From now on, you won’t need to spend lots of money on buying weights and other gym equipment because the little resistance band will work like magic in your daily workout. You can carry it anywhere along with you and it won’t even take up a lot of space. You can curl it up and place it in your backpack during travel. Whenever you are buying a resistance band, you should check its quality and model instead of checking the rubber material.

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