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How to Rock a Sleeveless Top at Work

Summertime is here again. We’re hot and miserable and we still have to go to work everyday. In all the heat, we have to try and maintain a professional appearance and look fashionable while we’re at work, but who’s to say we can’t go sleeveless? Here are some tips on how to dress your outfit up for work while trying to stay cool this summer.

Jewelry always makes a generic top look professional. Get a long necklace to wear over your sleeveless top. Jewelry has the ability to make everything look better and more work-worthy. Stick in some glamorous studs or dangly earrings and maybe a bracelet and you are good to go here.

How to Rock a Sleeveless

Go shopping for a vest or a waist belt. Get a short vest to wrap around your sleeveless top and it really takes it up a notch. Vests are still very in, even in the summer time. If that doesn’t quite feel like your style, try putting a waist belt over your sleeveless tops. There are so many options for these. Try checking stores like Wet Seal, Maurices, Dillards, and Macy’s for very cute, very in-style waste belts that are affordable.

Get a sleeveless sweater top. These tops can be extremely cute over a tank top and can be very work-appropriate. Many place like American Eagle Outfitters or Urban Outfitters sell very light versions of these that stay open in the front and dangle loosely. These tops are better for casual dress, but with the right bottom can be very dressy as well.

Make use of long tank tops. Long, loose-fitting tanks have the ability to look very professional. The key to utilizing this concept is making sure not to get your tank too tight. The tightness can take the professional angle of your outfit away fast.

On the other side, tight bottoms would go well with this type of shirt. Even though it’s summer, you can still rock a pair of tights at work. I have found them to be almost more comfortable and air penetrable than dress pants depending on the type of tight you wear. Don’t go crazy with the colors here, but get only basic colors that will allow for that professional look.

If you make use of these five ideas, you will have the ability to stay cool, look hot, and be professional all at the same time. After you find which of these looks works for you, go shopping! Luckily, this clothes won’t be just office clothes, but could be utilized as going out clothes as well. Good luck and stay cool!

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