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The Process to Factory Reset any Android Smartphone

Are you having the problem of freezing or stopped responding in your smartphone? As you know, Android Smartphones can face such kind of problems with time. When you are using your smartphone for a long time, you may definitely face such kind of issue. There may be several reasons for these kinds of freezing and hanging problems in Android smartphones. In this kind of situation, you may need to reset your smartphone to enhance its performance.

First of all, you can try to restart your device to resolve such kind of problem. If you are still having the same kind of problem, you will need to know how to reset smartphone. When you choose the option of factory reset on your Android device, it will be restored on the original manufacturer of settings and all apps and data will be erased from your device. All the manufacturer app updates and settings will be restored to the original settings in your smartphone. However, you do not have to worry about getting back to the previous Android OS version if you updated your device.

Warning: If you are ready to start the process for factory reset your Android smartphone, it is recommended to take a backup of your contacts, photos, videos, documents and other important data, browse around this website. All the data stored in the internal storage of your device will be erased.

How to factory reset Android smartphone

How to factory reset Android smartphone?

• First, open Settings menu and find Backup & reset
• Then you will tap “Factory data reset and Reset phone”.
• When you will click this option, you may need to enter the passcode of your device.
• Once you select it, you will find option of “Erase everything”.
• After completing it, you will reboot your phone and then you can reset your phone’s data.
It is the most basic and common way to factory reset any Android smartphone. however, you may need to follow different steps for the smartphones of different manufacturers.

HTCs, Google Pixels and few other devices:

• Go to settings and find the option “System”
• Click this option and find “Reset”
• From the list, you will select “Factory data reset”
• After that, you will see the list of data that will be erased and you will get the option “Reset phone” on the bottom of the screen
• You will click it and will select Erase everything.

On Samsung devices:

If you are using a Samsung Android device, you will be able to factory reset your smartphone with the steps given below:

• Go to settings and select “general management
• After that, select the option “Reset”
• You will find three options: Reset settings, Reset network settings and Factory data reset.
• You will select factory reset to erase everything from your smartphone.

If you are having any minor issue on your smartphone, you can also try to choose the options of Reset settings or Reset network settings. In this process, the entire data of your smartphone will not be raised and the settings of your mobile will be restored.

Factory reset in recovery mode:

If you are unable to access settings menu on your Android device, you can try to reset your device in recovery mode.

• First of all, turn off your smartphone
• Hold volume down button and power button at the same time until the phone turns on
• You will use volume down button to highlight recovery mode on screen
• Then you will press power button to select recovery mode.
• You will get option of Wipe data/factory reset of that you will select.
• After completing it, you will select reboot system now.

With these steps, you will be able to know how to reset smartphone in recovery mode.

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