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How to Make Moving Home Less Stressful

Moving home can be a total nightmare with so much to think about and a limited time to get everything packed and out of one house and off to the new home. Although to some degree moving will always be a fairly trying experience, there are some simple suggestions to reduce stress and get things done in a less chaotic manner.

Moving Home Tips – Label Boxes and Record Contents on Index Cards

Moving Home Tips - Label Boxes and Record Contents on Index Cards

Before beginning packing it is a good idea to get hold of some index cards and rather than using a whole range of generic names simply give each box a number. Whilst packing write the box number at the top of an index card and below list every single item contained in the box. This will reduce a whole lot of potential frustration and time wasting when one is in the new home and desperately trying to find a specific item as everything will be clearly recorded on index cards.

An efficient labeling system is crucial to make moving home more straight forward and hopefully will reduce the stress associated with not being able to locate items. Using numbers rather than generic words will make it far simpler to locate a specific item of clothing or kitchen implement without the hassle of rummaging through numerous boxes.

Moving Home Tips – Create a Moving File

It is all very well using an index card system and recording essential information, but without a specific place to put these notes it will be easy to end up misplacing them. Before beginning to pack or take inventory, head to the nearest stationery shop and purchase a file. Clearly mark the front with ‘Moving Information’ and use this only for the index cards and any additional paperwork relating to the move, see page.

The main reason why it is important for all key information to have its own home is to save time and keep things as simple as possible. Also, it is a lot harder to lose a large file or folder than it would be to lose bits of paper or cards.

Moving Home Tips – Pack an Essentials Box

To avoid having to dash out to the shops or rummage through umpteen boxes, it is well worth packing an essentials box. This box should ideally contain various key items such as toilet paper, cleaning products, hand towels, cups, drinks, scissors and soap. It is important to make sure that the essentials box is loaded last as this would then be likely to be off-loaded in the new home first. As highlighted above, moving home need not be chaotic and can be made much simpler with following key practical suggestions. Creating a file purely for important moving information, carefully labeling and indexing boxes as well as packing an essentials box will all help save time and energy.

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