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How do You Fix a Crack In a Terrazzo Floor ?

The floor decorations play a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of a house. There is a wide variety of options, that one may choose for the flooring of their house. They should be sure that they choose a durable, attractive and low maintenance one. There are different types of floor tiles ranging from low-maintenance and cost-effective to expensive luxurious ones. There are many types of flooring tiles that include Stone flooring, Terrazzo tiles, Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Mosaic floor tiles, vinyl tiles.

History of Terrazzo:

History of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a much-coveted material for flooring which cannot be afforded and is much expensive. It is an extremely durable material that can last for eras.  Most of the Roman Empire build their structures- buildings, amphitheater, bathhouses, villas, halls, etc. using the Terrazzo material and the remains of which are still existent. Terrazzo flooring is created using pieces of stone or marble chips. It is an excellent choice for many different decorating schemes. A cement binder is the medium that is used to arrange the marble or stone chips to create unique floors for excellent design and color composition. New technologies have made terrazzo somewhat more affordable as a choice for home flooring. Today, many tile manufactures are offering Terrazzo tile as a consumer installed flooring material.


Traditionally granite, glass, or marble chips are used, but today there is a wide variety of materials used to construct fine-looking Terrazzo flooring, including plastics. Not only are the aggregates changing but the methods to produce the flooring are as well, many types moving into epoxy resin-based production rather than concrete or masonry solidifiers. Another good thing about these countertops is that they are resistant to scratches. Granite and marble can be very easy to scratch, but with much more concrete and glass, terrazzo can withstand whole lot more use. Dropping cooking utensils, sliding pans or pots across the surface will not leave any scratches. On rare occasions when we get a scratch on the countertop they can easily buff out. Most scratches buff out with a chamois.

Fixing Cracks:

Cracks are common damage not only in terrazzo but in most types of floors. Cracks can be caused by anything from earthquakes to dropped any heavy items at home. Some homeowners prefer to retain the cracks. A lot of people would rather have professional terrazzo restorers do the repairs, but if we wish to make terrazzo repair there are some things to consider depending upon the crack whether it is wide enough for small quartz or marble chips to get through and should know how deep the cut is. We can fix the cracks in terrazzo by ourselves.

Fixing Cracks

We should take an appropriate amount of grout or Portland cement, and mix to the right consistency and we can also mix in the quartz or marble chips with the patch mixture if we wish for a more natural look to it, or we could just implant quartz or marble chips to the surface of the mixture later. Then we have to stuff the crack with the mixture till it reaches the brim and should make sure that the mixture to dry, after which we could sand or grind the patched area to match the rest of the floor’s surface. Epoxy can be used to fix the hairline cracks. One can vacuum up any loose debris in the cracks so the epoxy can adhere properly. It can be mixed with 2 parts resin with 1 part hardener. Then should Place a small amount of epoxy beyond the edges of the crack so the sealant forms a solid layer over the crack and should allow to dry for one day. For more details refer

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