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Embroidery Hoop Crafts

There are basically two different types of embroidery hoops. The older kind are made of wood, with two circular pieces, one just inside the other. The old wooden ones like that have a hardware piece on top that allows you to tighten one wooden ring over the other, to better hold your embroidery cloth. The newer types of embroidery hoops are made of metal still consist of one band inside another. With the metal hoops you simply place your cloth over the smallest hoop and slide the larger one over the top. The fabric is then caught between the two rings and helps hold the fabric taut.

No matter which type of embroidery hoop you prefer they can both be used to create some fabulous new things for your home. You might even have everything you need at home to create some of these projects. All of these crafts are very simple to make and are very impressive when finished.

Embroidery Hoop

One easy project to make is a picture frame. Simply glue a picture, from a magazine or other source, onto a piece of cardboard. The cardboard should be cut in the shape of the embroidery hoop. Glue the cardboard, with picture, onto the back of the embroidery hoop. Paint the hoop first or decorate it after you’ve inserted the picture.

Go to a glass shop in town, if you wish, and have them cut a piece of glass for your picture. It’s inexpensive and will really improve the look of the craft. Since the hoops give depth to the picture you can create a shadowbox effect. Purchase craft butterflies, tiny birds or other minis to glue to the picture itself. The tiny craft items will add depth to the beautiful arrangement.

There are any number of things you can use to change the look of the embroidery hoop itself. Wrap it in tinfoil, paint it black, blot off some of the paint, and you’ve created an antique look for the hoop. Glue a ribbon around the outside of the hoop and tie a bow at the top. The bow will hide the tightening hardware and add class to the frame.

Create a secret hiding place by using the depth that the hoops create. Glue the picture to the top of the embroidery hoops and cut a plain piece of cardboard for the back. Use tiny pieces of velcro to stick the cardboard to the back of the picture. Hang the picture on the wall and no one will ever know it has a secret compartment. When you need to, simply take the picture off the wall, remove the cardboard backing, and store money or important papers, find more info.

Use a round embroidery hoop to create a porthole-type effect for your bathroom or other area of the home. Glue a seascape picture to cardboard and glue it to the back of the embroidery hoops. Glue shells all over the embroidery hoops to finish. If you’re using the metal embroidery hoops it’s not necessary to glue on the shells. The hoops themselves look like a porthole even without the shells.


Use a large oval embroidery hoop to make a quick tray that can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. Have a mirror cut at your local glass shop and glue it to the bottom of the hoop. Remove the tightening hardware from the hoop and attach a small knob on each end of the tray. Set the tray in the bathroom to hold jewelry, hand mirror and other items. Or, use it in the kitchen to carry drinks or snacks. If you’ll be using it to carry heavy items it’s important that you screw the knobs onto the embroidery hoops, but if you’re using it just for display, you can glue on the knobs.

Glue the mirror piece onto the front of the hoops, use roping or something else to embellish the hoops, then hang on the wall. An easier mirror you cannot make.

Embroidery hoops work great for doing needlework but they also make fabulous decor pieces for your home. Even better, you can create fantastic gifts to give to your friends and family, and they’ll cost little or nothing to make. If you don’t own any embroidery hoops you’ll find them in various sizes and shapes in any craft department. They’re very inexpensive so pick up several; you’re gonna need ’em

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