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Do You Have Diabetes?

Diabetes is of personal interest to me, not because I have it but because I have several risk factors for it. Some of these risk factors can’t be mitigated, but I’m working on the ones that can. Knowing your personal risk factors can save your life.

Risk Factors: The risk of developing diabetes comes from several sources. One is heredity; if a first degree relative has it, you are at risk. First degree means mother, father and/or sibling. You may even be at risk of you have grandparents or aunts/uncles with the condition. Being overweight, not eating a healthy diet and other vices can also create problems, read more from here. If you have these risk factors, get tested frequently so you can catch it early.

developing diabetes comes from several sources

Different Types: There are two types of diabetes. Type one is hereditary and usually strikes during childhood or early adulthood. You may notice a sudden, unexplained loss in weight, unusual hunger and thirst and frequent urination. This used to be called juvenile diabetes. Type two, once called adult onset, can have many factors, and similar symptoms.

Treatment: It is imperative that you work with your doctor when it comes to treatment in this disease. Without testing and close monitoring, you can lose your vision, lose a limb and lose your life. However, there are things you can do to help. There are herbs that may be useful, but not without awareness, permission and close monitoring by your doctor.

Diet: A diabetic diet can be a challenge. You have to balance not only what you eat but when you eat it. Even the amounts have to be carefully weighed and measured. The good news is that the diet is fairly easy to remember and that you can learn to adjust portion size visually. It does take a great deal of self discipline, but if you travel for a living that is going to be important.


Exercise: Like diet, exercise is important. One of the main reasons is to help get control of your weight. Choosing the best exercise for you should involve teamwork; you, your doctor and a personal trainer. Going straight from mouse potato to marathon runner is not a good idea for most of us.

If you suspect you have diabetes, go see your doctor. The tests are fairly simple and the earlier you catch it, the better your chances. In some cases, with proper treatment, weight loss and exercise, you may even be able to “get over” it.

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