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A Method for Making Portable Air Conditioners Colder

Portable ac and other portable cooling technologies have become a common sight in households across the world. Despite their widespread adoption, however, few people understand how they work or how to take care of them. Here’s your guide on portable ac and how to make it colder.

How to Make Portable AC Colder?

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Whether you’re an owner of a portable ac or not, you should learn how to make it colder. A few tips and tricks on making your portable ac cooler will help reduce the power consumption and improve its lifespan. Here are some ways to make a portable ac colder:

Install with Strategy

The most effective way to make a portable air conditioner is by installing it with the help of strategy. This involves ensuring that your portable AC’s airflow path is as direct and straight as possible. If there are any obstacles, you should remove them from the airflow path before installing your portable ac.

Cooling pads

Cooling pads

A cooling pad is a thermal mass material used to store heat in the form of warm air or hot water, and then release it at low temperatures when you need it. Many types of portable ac’s come with their own respective cooling pads, which can be placed in the central cavity of your portable ac.

Cools any liquid

You can also make a portable ac cooler by adding water or other cool liquids to its cooling pad. If you add enough liquid, you will see that it makes your portable ac warmer and colder at the same time. This is because when the air cools down, it also cools down the liquid that you added to your portable ac’s cooling pad.


Make sure that you place your portable ac in a location where the air is cooler. You can do this by placing it under an open window or on top of a refrigerator or freezer.

Avoid Humid Spots

You should avoid placing your portable ac in humid areas. If you are not sure about the air quality in a particular area, you can always check with an expert to know whether it is safe for your portable ac or not.

Store properly when not in use


You should always store your portable ac in a dry and cool place when it is not in use. If you keep it under the sun, then you will end up with an extremely hot and humid environment that can damage your portable ac.

Why should a Mini Portable AC Remain Colder?

A mini portable ac can remain cooler than a normal portable ac because it has an internal mechanism that circulates the air in its body. This means that you will not have to keep your mini portable ac at a certain temperature for hours on end. You can just adjust the controls and enjoy cool air anytime you want. For further more info, you can see Blast Portable AC.


Now that you know how to make portable ac colder. Blog Conclusion: It is not difficult to make a portable ac cooler. You can make it by placing ice cubes in the portable ac and turning on the air conditioner. As soon as you turn on the air conditioner, ice cubes will melt and generate more cold air inside the room.

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