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Why Won’t my Smart watch Connect to my Phone

Connecting your smart watch to your phone isn’t a big issue. There are some steps to connect them easily. That is, make sure your watch and mobile isn’t in Airplane mode. Because of the watch and phone is in the airplane mode then you can’t receive any notification. So it is the first thing you should see. Next is, make sure that your smart watch and your phone is powered on or not. If it isn’t on then it will also create some connection troubles. There is some tiny difference to the connection between smart watch and phone in iOS and Android. In the iOS operating system you should download an application for connecting these two. After downloading an application it’ll show a list of devices and check your watch’s name on the device. Before doing that you have to look at your watch is charging or not. Then select your favorite language and identity of the watch. On your mobile phone click the name of your watch. If your mobile is paired with another watch then you can’t see the paring code. If your mobile is not paired to another watch then you can see the pairing code and by clicking that you can pair your watch with your mobile. Also your watch will receive the same pairing code, after confirming that click touch pair.

Then you’ll receive the confirmation message and it will take some seconds. You should wait for it. After receiving the message and now you can select the option in your mobile like calendar access and other notification settings. Android operating systems also follow these steps to fix the problem. But one thing in Android OS is you should enable notification on your mobile. These are all the ways to connect the smart watch to your mobile phone. You can read more here to know about the smart watch and its uses.

The benefits of using it:

The benefits of using it

There are huge advantages to using the smart watch. That is, it isn’t just about showing time. Instead of it will have so many features that the phone cannot do that? In smart watch, it acts like your travel partner. Because it will tell you the way and you do not need to see you’re mobile. It will tell you how to go. It is like an invisible travel guide for you. Another big feature in the smart watch is finding any devices which connect to your watch, because sometimes we don’t know where your phone is. With using this smart watch you can find your phone by clicking some buttons on your watch. By clicking buttons on your watch then it will make your phone sound. For fitness freaks, this smart watch will have the fitness tracker. For example, it will count your daily steps your pulse rate, and your sleeping time. Also with using this watch you do not need to take your phone from your pocket. You can reply to your text or call at the same time. You can see your social accounts notification in this watch. You can use this watch to receive the messages and phone calls during running or cycling. You do not need to carry your phone on your hand. One day of charging is used to 10 days of working. That means you can charge your watch for one day and you can use it for 10 days if your phone has no charge. Full control of your phone is now on your watch. You can watch YouTube videos on your watch. It will be an entertainer for you. Well! Buying this type of smart watch will help you to reduce the usage of mobile phones.

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