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Who Needs a Gym to Lose Weight? Advice from a Former Chunky-Monkey

Speaking as someone who has lost nearly 200 pounds and never had much in the way of extra cash for special equipment or a gym membership, I had to figure out an exercise that was FREE, simple and needed no special equipment: Walking is the way to go! Since my neighborhood is not the best place to walk in at night (which is usually when I have the free time) I wanted to find somewhere to exercise that was relatively safe, yet didn’t cost me a penny. Where is this fabulous place? My local mall!

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Why is it so great? It has AC in the hot, muggy summer and heat in the winter, clean bathrooms at both ends and a Food Court if I want something to drink or a meal. Also, there’s plenty to look at, what with store windows changing all the time and all the different shoppers-as well as music playing to groove to-it’s ideal for someone like me who needs that visual stimulation, look at this site.

If you don’t want to walk alone, Early-birds can check to see if they have a Mall Walkers Club, which usually meets in the morning before the Mall opens. If you’re a night-owl, like me, hit it an hour before closing when the crowds thin out.

To make sure you’re getting the proper mileage (at least 2 miles/4-6 times a week), call the Mall office and ask if anyone has measured the distance around the inside perimeter: that means walking in the front of each store, down each hallway, in a continuous path. My own local mall has it charted at 1 ¼ miles inside, so I decided to do at least 2 rounds and get in 2 ½ miles-if nobody has measured it yet, then do it yourself with a pedometer. Set your minimum mileage for a good walk and stick to it!

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Sometimes dinner runs late at my house and I can’t get to the Mall in time to do my 2 rounds before closing, so I opt for walking the outside perimeter, getting in some fresh air exercise for a change. I’ve walked the huge parking lot, along the front and side edges of the road surrounding the mall, and felt safe, even late at night-how? Not only is the whole place well-lit, most malls have security trucks roaming the parking lots until quite late, flashing their lights and letting any potential evil-doers know they are on guard, as well as cameras set up in every corner ,including the parking garage. I’ve talked to the security guards to confirm the use of cameras, so I have a calm heart, even bookin’ it around the mall lot at midnight. In case you have no mall nearby, a Walmart or other large chain-store will also do nicely.

Exercise is absolutely essential to lose weight and keep it off! Walking is the cheapest, simplest way- now you can walk safely as well! NO excuses! Happy walking!

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