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The right selection of the mill liner is without any doubt requires cautious reflection among the list of the most important steps taken for your components of the mill. The mill liners are simply used to protect the shell of the mill from wear and along with that, it transfers the energy to the grinding charge. There is a requirement of the careful balance so that the optimization of these requirements that differ from each other is done, as the liner which is design in a poor manner has its own effects that are detrimental in nature and has a huge impact on the performance of the milling and along with that on the mill liner life.

Advantages of the mill liners

Advantages of the mill liners

There are so many developers available in the market that develop the mill liners such as the Multotec which also includes the development of the Ball Mill Liners, SAG Mill Liners, AG Mill Liners, as well as the Scrubber Liners. The Multotec has pulled it’s all focusing on the good fitment of the liners, in which they act as an expert and it ultimately results in the reduction of the installation downtime which can eventually facilitate the increase in the production.

One can also enjoy the benefit of the mill liners as it makes sure it will help you in achieving the goals that are specified on the applications, which is purely based on our research and the program of development is conducted so that the exceptional quality is maintained, the setting of the high-performance standards and along with that, the product consists of the high level and reliability. In actual fact, the rubber compound that is being used by the components of the mill liner of the Multotec is framed so that it can provide a combination of good impression, cut, and resistance to the abrasion.

It also helps you in reducing the weight of the mill liners when it is compared with the steel liners so that the less wear on the bearing is obtained and along with that at the start-up, reduction in the torque is also gained. The reduction in the weight is proved to be safe for the installation of the liners with the help of the hand and it also eliminates the requirements of the handler of the mill liners. Rubber lining has found its popularity in the market for its feature of the user – friendly and it makes it easier for anyone to use it and does not require any prior knowledge or skill.

The reason behind this is because there are alternatives present of the resilient rubber or rubber and even the steel composite liners. The throughput of the mill liners is increased, and this is done due to the elimination of the blinding of the grate plates and this process is done virtually. The rubber mill liners are used in the reduction of the level of noise and it improves the condition of the working.

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