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How to Make a Claw Machine Costume?

If you are looking for a creating and funny idea for the Halloween costume for your kids then you can choose to make an amazing claw machine costume. It can be fun for you rather than buying a costume at the store.

If you never make a claw machine costume before and want to know how to make a claw machine costume then here are some steps that you can follow to fulfill your needs.

Find the right box and paint it

First of all, you have to find a perfect box according to the size of your children and then cut three windows out of the box. After that, you can color the box with paint or you can also paste paper on it that gives it a nice look.

Make the black paper and side beams

Make the black paper and side beams

Once you paint all over the box then you can use a tin foil to use as the mirror in the back and the side beams of the claw machines. Make sure to fold the foil perfectly to make the beams and back that give it a claw machine shape.

Joystick area

Use a small box to make the joystick area and paint it with the red color that you use to paint the large box and then you can attach it with the large box with the help of hot glue. Use cardboard to make the large button on the smaller box and you can use tin foil to make the coin slots. You can hot glue a white pom-pom to the end of the wood dowel to make the joystick. Now, you can insert the joystick into the top of the small box that gives it a perfect look.

Stuffed animals

Your costume never completes without the stuff animals or prize that you can get in the original claw machine. So, you can hot glue the stuffed animals to keep them in the right place all time that makes your costume looks complete.

The claw and lights

The claw and lights

Now, you can make the claw with the help of two cheap headboards and then cover them with the tin foil and place than near the front of the box so that everyone can see them clearly. You can also decorate your costume with some powered LED lights around the front of the window or you can paste some shining star of other stickers to decorate the claw machine costume.

So, that’s how you can easily make your claw machine costume in an effective manner. There are lots of people in these days who love to play claw machine game because it allows them to earn effective prizes within small investment. Now, you can also visit some effective online sites to get more info about the claw machines and it helps you to buy one best claw machine that is suitable for your needs and budget. The experts of the online sites provide you best possible help to get more info regarding the claw machine to satisfy your requirements.

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