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How to Create a New Hotmail Account

Emails are very important for everyone’s day to day work and that is why you should use the email services of a popular company. Almost every company offers free email services and you do not have to pay for using any services. You just need an active internet connection and a device on which you can open your email. The first things you need to do is create your account. There are multiple steps involved in the creation of the emails which ensure proper safety and security of your account. So always make sure to use the service of a good email service provider.

What is the importance of using email services?

There are various types of important features that you can get by using email services. First of all, you can send or receive instant emails which is quite beneficial. Secondly, you will get maximum safety and privacy of your data so that you can do your work without any worries. That is why email services are the best choice for any type of business.

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Steps to create a new Hotmail account

You can follow the steps mentioned below and learn how to create a new Hotmail account for any work.

  1. Open the official Microsoft account – The first thing you need to do is open the official website in order to create an account. You can use the help of any type of browser which can help you with this.
  2. Click on the create new account option – You can click on the create new account button in order to start the process. If you cannot find this option then you can go to the sign in page and then find this below the password box.
  3. Provide a suitable username – Now you will see a box which will ask you to create a username for your account. You just have to use a name which is most suitable for you. It should be something which you need to remember. You will also get some suggestions for the username of your account.
  4. Now enter your password carefully – After selecting the username you will be asked to create a strong password for your account. You can create a password using alphabets, letters and special characters.
  5. Enter your name and last name – By completing the above steps properly now you have provided the first and last name for your account.
  6. Select the country – You also need to provide the country you are living in for your convenience.
  7. Provide some personal information – You also need to provide some personal information like date of birth and phone number.
  8. Enter the verification code – In order to confirm the phone number, you will receive a code which you need to enter in the confirmation box.
  9. Start using your new email – Afer performing all these steps you can start using your email services. So these are some of the things by which you can learn how to create a new Hotmail account without any issues.

If you follow all the steps properly and provide all the correct information then you do not face any problems to create an email. After creating your account you can start using it for your business or work to ensure better results.

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