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How to Check if my Graphics Card is Working Properly?

You know it well about the importance of graphics card in a computer system. The computer can display its data on the monitor screen after the installation of the graphics card properly.

Sometimes we face the problem that our computer stops showing data display. Before taking it to the shop for repairing, it is better to check its graphics card.

People who deal with computer repairing know well about the graphics card, but what should you do if you are a new one?
No need to bother; we will give you some tips that will enable you to check the graphics card working. For better understanding, read our article on how to check if my graphics card is working properly?

How to check the graphics card?

How to check the graphics card

Once you have a problem with your data display, you should try to check the graphics card’s proper working.

• You see, that monitor is not displaying data; it does not mean that your graphics card is damaged. First, you should change the LCD and check it. If data displays, it means your graphics card is ok, and the problem is with LCD. But the problem is the graphics card will show the same results for other LCD.
• You have found that your LCD is ok and the problem is with the graphics card, then you should physically check the Graphics card.
• Open the chasing of your computer or laptop and check the graphics card physically. Make a thorough checking if there is any damage occurs or not.
• There is a good option to clean the card and take it out from the slot and then place it back at its place firmly. It happens most of the time that due to displacement issue occurs. So, put it back in the slot and check it again.
• You have checked physically but not found any problem, then check its settings in the system. Open the device manages and goes to the status of your graphics card. In the device manager functions, you will see system and security options. Here you will see the device status.
• If your graphics card is ok there, you will see the message device is working properly from the device status check. If there is any problem, then read the warning message; it will help you understand the problem.
• In the end, you should start the system and notice its normal functions. If everything is normal, that means your graphics card is faulty, and you should replace it. But if the startup of the computer is not proper, it means motherboard or any other issue.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

Without a graphics card, you are unable to see data display on your computer screen. But whenever data is not displaying, it does not mean the graphics card is faulty.

We have told you some important tips that will help you check your graphics card’s proper working. If you want to learn more, please visit

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