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Do Not Use Alteril Sleep Aid

So like most people in the world I’ve tried my fair share in sleep aids. I wanted to try something “natural” and boy oh boy did I get anything but sleep! I bought Alteril at a local store it wasn’t expensive and said natural on the box so of course I’m excited since I have a child under one years of age and don’t need to be drugged up in order to get a good nights sleep. I went home and later that night decided to take the two pills the box tells you to take, during the night I kept waking up and couldn’t get comfortable. The next day I took them again only this time when I woke up I felt all over body aches. So I decided to research this wonderful “natural” drug. Well its not really natural, in fact they don’t tell you all the ingredients so the FDA wont approve Alteril.

Not only that but there are scams galore posted all over the Internet from there website about them taking money from credit cards when it was only supposed to be a free trial. So when you thought you were only paying for shipping and handling, you ended up paying for a membership. The pain I feel still hasn’t gone away so I’m just waiting it out drinking lots of water.


I think I’m going to try Magnolia Extract next, its supposed to help with anxiety and insomnia and that is truly all natural. So before you going here and buy something your not sure of, please research it. Most companies want money and aren’t interested in helping with your problem, so anything quick might not be the answer your looking for. Good luck in your search in the mean time cut down on caffeine and try some yoga and meditation before bed.

Terry V Williams

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