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10 Mistakes in Buying Furniture

Do you always ask, find reference and survey to the stores when you plan to buy cell phones computers and electronic products? Do you always do the same things when planning to buy expensive furniture and plan to use it for a long time? We have tried to summarize from some resources to describe some mistakes that are frequently done when buying furniture. Below as some mistakes, tips and the ways to avoid them.

Lack of preparation

When we go shopping for furniture, we sometimes go without any consideration; what we like? What is our long term plan, even the simplest thing; what are the size and the shape of the furniture room? Before you buy, try to draw the sketch of the room and its size. Do not forget to bring the paint of the room as well as the sample of carpet or wallpaper.

Do not have scale

Store/megastore can make you cheated with proportion scale. Furniture will look very nice and perfect in a very big store, but will look very strange if it is placed in a small store or room. When you are shopping, make sure that you are bringing small meter equipment n your wallet or use general tools as a measurement, for example, look at here now.

Do not try the furniture they want to buy

Do not try the furniture they want to buy

Never buy seating without testing it out. That sentence should always be remembered in buying furniture. We often feel interested in what is being offered. Whereas, furniture is made for the comfort, not only for entertaining the eyes. So, try to sit down and feel – try to read a book if needed.

Buy in a hurry

Every furniture materials will look different when it is lighted by different lamps. Before deciding to buy, you should take it home first as a sample. Match it with the room condition and with the wall color as well as other furniture in that room.

Buying because of emotional insist

Your heart will say “I want it” if you see furniture sale discounted about 50%. But, try to think further before buying it. If the furniture doesn’t match with the size of the room, condition or color, then you have spent 50% of your money. It means that you shouldn’t buy furniture 2 days before needing it. Buying furniture needs a lot of time, do not be in a hurry, give you a chance to see all the furniture and have a lot of comparison.

Get too many advices

More advices you get, more difficult to decide what to different. Every person has different taste. Do not invite too many people in buying furniture; limit the advices from friends/family you know that they have the same tastes with you.

Refuse a favor

Ask the salespeople to know more about furniture that you want detail. Although, sometimes there is a salesperson who talks more that then the fact but basically, theory given by them is the product knowledge you need to know.

Shop on weekend

If you need a salesperson to help you and give information, you should buy it on weekdays not weekend. Because weekend is the busiest day for them and any of their advices or consideration become inaccurate.

Forget to check the size of the entrance or lift

Most sellers accept goods exchanges because furniture we have bought but we can not enter the front entrance, stairs or lift. That’s why you should measure each access that you will use to bring the furniture (do not use a window as an alternative)

Pay more

One of products that is often offered with special price is furniture. Generally, there is a special promotion or discount in special or holiday. Try to visit malls that specially sell products with special and nice prices.

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